October 07, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Here’s how to register your Autosweep RFID with EasyTrip

Last week, we gave a quick guide to the different Electronic Toll Collection providers and which expressways they operate. In that piece, we also mentioned that a cashless collection system will be implemented beginning November 2, 2020. This means motorists who use the various tollways will need to secure a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sticker to pay for toll fees.

In line with this, the Toll Regulatory Board has begun Phase 1 of its ETC Interoperability program that involves Registration of Autosweep RFIDs to the Easytrip system. To do this, simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to any of the designated RFID Registration sites (these are located along major expressways such as NLEX, C5-South Link, CALAX, and MCX)
  2. Present your Autosweep Card to the EasyTrip System Point-of-Sale system.
  3. Allow the EasyTrip POS representative to check your Autosweep account
  4. Fill out the Subscription Form
  5. Pay P500 for the initial load of your EasyTrip account
  6. You will be contacted when your EasyTrip RFID is available for pickup.

Once you have your EasyTrip RFID, you can easily travel along any of the major expressways, whether operated by Autosweep or Easytrip, without fuss. To learn more about registering your RFIDs and other pertinent information, visit the Toll Regulatory Board website.

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