September 11, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff Words by Maki Aganon Photos by Ron Maca

Honda C50 Cub / Unicorn Memorial Build

How an OFW in Vietnam Finds Comfort in Building a Motorcycle

We simply can’t imagine what people are dealing with this pandemic going on, but some people stay resilient and prefer to stay strong to keep on surviving. Nothing comes different with Ron Maca, suffering separation anxiety. This pandemic took its toll on him, with people close to his household passed away, with uncertainty to return back home, his sadness poured into a motorcycle project.

“The Honda Cub that I have was bought to me by my wife but during that time she was still my girlfriend. This was about 5 years ago. We found the motorbike in a garage here in Vietnam and everyday we would always wait for the owner to see if we can buy it from him. He did not want to sell as it was passed to him by his father but when he was about to migrate to a different country he offered to sell it to us as long as we took care of it and since then it was in our possession and more than well taken care of.”

“Surprisingly my GF bought it for me as a birthday gift and my father upon knowing also got excited as the cub was also one of his first bikes when he was young. Our cub is a 1978 C50, and my father who was also a motorcycle enthusiast and collector there in the PH told me to keep the bike and one day make sure to bring it home. During those years, around 2015-ish, I had to go back to Manila for some training on my new career and there was no way to send the bike at that time so my GF who was working here kept it in storage until i came back last year. Surprisingly I never realized that even the plate number was unique. The number was 3595 which by coincidence was one of my favorite planes to fly (this I only realized when I came back).”

“My wife and I got married in January this year in Manila, after the wedding went back to Vietnam and until now we can’t come back to the Philippines due to the pandemic and we are expecting a little one soon. In February my niece was diagnosed with AML leukemia, a rare type of sickness. She was only 6 years old and we never had the chance to visit her for her chemo treatments starting March.”

Ron’s father died on April 2, 2020.

“So to celebrate his memory I slowly transformed my cub to honor him even though the exhaust back then was designed in such a way that it would sound similar to his favorite HD bike but I removed it after a while since it’s illegal to run those pipes but I still have it in my possession.”

“During this time I made sure not to spare any expense as this was for his memory and that’s how he treated his bikes in the PH trying to get the best parts just like how he took care of us.”

“Recently my niece has also succumbed to her sickness.”

“Her young body could not handle the chemo treatments and she passed away. At this point that’s when I decided to repaint the bike and rebuild again for their honor. I painted it her favorite blue which is similar to her favorite ‘My Little Pony’ and Unicorns.”

“That’s why I called it the unicorn build because it’s a fictional animal which cannot be caught and it is usually unbelievable. Just like the sadness of the story of the build.”

Melinda Faye Segunda Pritchett MARCH 8, 1983 – SEPTEMBER 4, 2020

Another tragedy struck Ron Maca’s family. Last September 4, 2020, Ron’s first cousin Melinda Faye Segunda Pritchett passed away while giving birth to her and husband Joseph’s first baby. Baby Adelina Joy Maribel Kuziomko is healthy and her mom Melinda will always be looking over her. Please keep Joseph, baby Adelina and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

As much as motorcycle enthusiasts have some sort of attachment to motorcycles, what more when they’re built as memoirs. Death is inevitable, but what you do to commemorate their lives, immortalize them.

Sad it may seem, Ron Maca said he wishes the build would inspire people to act about the current CoVid-19 situation and to see it as a tool for change and inspiration. 

Build Details: 1978 Honda Cub C50


54ZZ Engine Build

Honda Wave engine case

Takegawa Ceramic cylinder bore kit 54MM (Complete)

Custom ported and polished

External Oil Cooler

Keihin PWK28 Carburetor

Takegawa Airfilter with Takegawa Rain Jacket/ Screen

Custom Small Shot Sneeky Pete Nitrous System

Custom Takegawa Peashooter Exhaust with Heatshield

Kitaco Sprockets front and rear

DID Chain


12V conversion

Takegawa HYPER IC / COIL

Takegawa Horn

NGK High Tension Wires

Denso Iridium Plugs

LED Light Bulb Conversion

Voltage Meter / Monitoring Display

Electric Start KSPEED

Suspension / Brakes

Takegawa Front Fork Stabilizer Damper

YSS inner Front Fork Upgrade

Takegawa Rear Suspension

Daytona Japan Drum Brake Pads

Ohlins Body to steering column Damper


Custom Extended Handlebar

Takegawa Brake Levers

Takegawa Throttle system including cables

Takegawa Grips and Bar Ends

Takegawa Tachometer

Light switches elecstart honda OEM


Kitaco mirrors

JDM Honda Front Basket

JDM Honda Rear Rack with Takegawa Pillow

Tool cylinders

Titanium Screws

Kitaco rear passenger foot pegs

Rear turn signal lights upgrade

Alarm and GPS tracking System 

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