August 02, 2020 By Nicolas A. Calanoc

How to Save Your Parked Car from Floods

Some say that Ignorance is not an excuse, especially when floods in the Philippines is seasonal. But if there is anything that life has taught any of us, mother nature can be unpredictable. So much so that areas where you would not expect to flood can be one day a flooded area in a blink of an eye.

Unfortunately, yesterday (or a few days ago when you read this), flash floods did happen, but on areas that they did not expect. This brought in so many messages not only from people whose cars have been affected, but from people whose cars almost got affected and from people who just wanted to know what to do if the time came. So, I compiled some tips that can help you in case it happens to you.

1. Have a Battle Plan Versus the Flood

This might sound obvious but being prepared eliminates wasting time on something where time is of the essence. Whatever tips you gather from the next items on this list or from someone else, it is important that you know what to do when the inevitable happens.



2. Find a Safe Place to Park

Nowadays, big shopping malls allow this service, and at times at no extra charge. And even if there was an overnight charge for parking your vehicle, we are sure that the bill of overhauling and cleaning your vehicle is way lower than a day or two of overnight parking on the 5th floor of a mall’s parking building.



3. Disconnect Car Battery

This is just in case the car gets flooded with water, you can at least save the electrical parts and computers by making sure that the car battery is disconnected, making anything that can short circuit during the flood impossible. Reconnect the battery only until the car is completely dry and when the mechanical parts of the car, like the engine, are safe.




4. Ramp Up Your Car

The most vital part that should not get flooded is the engine. In a pinch, a quick and easy way to save your car is to ramp your car high enough so that the engine does not get submerged. There are plastic ramps available on your hardware stores and online malls. It may get your car up a few inches, but those inches might spell the difference between saving your car and a dead one.



5. Put Your Car Inside an Inflatable Pool (Yes, you read that right)

During our research on how to save your car, there was an answer in a forum that got our attention: if you have a big enough inflatable pool for your car  to get in, you essentially can inflate a wall that separates the car from the flood. Just make sure that the inflatable pool is the type that the walls inflate while the floor bed of the pool is flat without need of inflation.



photo courtesy of Flood Guard Car Bag PH

6. Bag Your Car

You can get a little creative hear with the use of plastics or tarpaulin, but the risk of failure is there. Lucky, there are companies like Flood Guard Car Bag Philippines that do the creative work for you, but it gets the job done and done well. Not only does your car stay away from floods, but it keeps it dry as well.



7. Jack Up Your Car

Your discretion on doing this is heavily advised. There is a lot of risk involved as well as safety issues. With that said and with the spirit of finding the answers in saving your car from a flood, this is definitely one of them. YouTube user TEXAS E36 Garage was able to save his BMW M3 E36 from Hurricane Harvey by jacking his car high enough to avoid 3 feet of water. You can watch the video above on how he did it.


Hopefully, this list gives you ideas on how to save your car and plan for it. Stay safe and stay dry!

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