September 20, 2021 By Francis G. Pallarco

How to Spot Telltale Signs of Impending Car Trouble

Today’s modern vehicles utilize the latest technology to get maximum power, achieve great fuel economy, shift through the gears with ease, and do so much more. However even with all the technology that’s onboard sometimes you still have to use your own senses to detect trouble. If you ever noticed something that seems to be off with your car, it’s a good sign to have it immediately checked. Being conscious of how your vehicle is performing and understanding some basic warning signs can make a big difference and may help prevent unnecessary and potentially dangerous breakdowns.

Here’s a few warning signs and what it could mean.

Feels Like?

This could be immediately felt while driving or whenever the vehicle is in motion. Unusual symptoms such as difficulty in handling, a rough ride, abnormal vibrations, and poor performance are all symptoms that need to be checked or serviced.


Misaligned front wheels and worn steering components may cause the vehicle to wander/pull to either side or become difficult to steer in a straight line.

Ride & Handling

Busted shock absorbers and faulty suspension components or even as simple as improperly inflated tire pressures can all contribute to poor cornering and overall handling.

Looks Like?

Routinely check for any sign of oil spots on your garage floor as this could mean that the vehicle might have an engine oil or fluid leak that requires repair. To make sure where the leak is most likely coming from, place several sheets of newspaper on the floor and leave them overnight. If in the morning you find spots or stains, you may have a fluid leak somewhere in that area. Bring your vehicle to a reputable mechanic to trace and rectify the cause of the leak.

Smells Like?

Just as you can tell when something is burning in the oven, you can tell when something doesn’t smell right in your vehicle. When your vehicle seems to be emitting unusual odors, it may be letting you know that something needs attention. For example, if it smells like burnt asbestos, this could be an indication of a stuck-up brake system, which causes the pads to unnecessarily rub against the rotor, causing it to terribly heat up, which explains the burnt odor.

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