May 11, 2022 By Francis G. Pallarco Photos by Randy Silva-Netto

JIMINY QUICK Presenting the fastest Jimny in the Metro

A few years back, the mere mention of the word Jimny had everyone thinking of going off road. But that’s not the case anymore with the newest fourth generation Jimny. Sparked by its retro-inspired looks and updated underpinnings, it has become a popular blank canvass for tuners/enthusiasts alike, modding every inch of this mini-SUV to create a custom build that’s now either for off road or street use.


When it comes to making serious horsepower, Mr. Carlos Gono of Autoplus Sports and Motul Lubricants certainly excels in this aspect. Something which strongly explains why his latest Jimny build is now making twice the power than stock as he explains, “Its a nice small car and capable off roader, which makes it a good platform for modification. But for me, the new Jimny still lacks adequate hp. Turning it into a fast-reliable pocket rocket for street use is such a fancy. It’s a one off-build and the end result is so satisfying. What’s challenging with something like this is how to make it perform better and yet still remain reliable enough for daily use, all the while pushing it to the limit.”


Boosting the 1.5-liter, Suzuki power plant is a turbo kit manufactured F Performance from the UAE that specializes in creating high horsepower turbo systems. Costing around eleven thousand US dollars, the kit comes complete with a Garrett turbocharger, front mount intercooler, larger fuel injectors, high-capacity fuel pump, ceramic-coated aluminum pipings, Turbosmart wastegate and more. From the stock dyno figure of 75 whp it jumped to 155 whp for 80 extra horsepower. In the same manner, its torque levels also doubled significantly from 65 lb-ft to 151 lb-ft. Just imagine laying down all that extra power and torque on the road in such a compact and lightweight vehicle which should redefine what a “pocket rocket” should be.

As far as engine longevity is concerned, putting a power adder normally puts extra strain on the internal parts of the engine and drivetrain as Mr. Gono quips, “To omit metal fatigue & wear, this is where products such as Motul Lubricants starting with Motul 300V Ester base racing oil that helps promote engine longevity and ensure its performance even under extreme conditions. For the transmission and gears, Motul Gear 300 Ester Base Drivetrain lubricants will greatly decrease friction and wear even under heavy acceleration.” Speaking of acceleration let me tell you that this pocket-sized SUV can really haul ass. After Mr. Gono hands me the keys and tells me to see how it accelerates, several first to second gear pulls felt really strong and linear. That and a lot of ‘pops and bangs’ from the custom Autoplus side exhaust every time I back off the throttle adds even more adrenaline rush to the whole driving experience.

As to be expected, the Jimny’s 3-link suspension with coil springs is more oriented towards off road duties. This necessitated swapping the stock ones for something that would be capable of coping with the increased power output and make it handle and corner even better. Coil over dampers with matching RSR coil springs were used on all four corners that also gave it a proper lowered height.  Something that perfectly matches the overall dimensions of the 18-inch Volk racing TE37 wheels with meaty Falken tires. Of course, it’s hard not to notice those track-spec, AP Racing, 4-piston calipers and huge rotors up front that offers better stopping performance for the additional horsepower gains.

Subtle touches of aftermarket bits and pieces adorn the exterior such as the rear wing, tail lamps, JDM side mirrors and front grille. But keen eyes will notice the absence of the rear spare tire and bracket which happens to be a custom job by Alex Car Restoration. On the inside, a pair of Recaro sportster seats provides ample driver/passenger support and comfort while a lone Defi boost gauge and a pioneer head unit upgrade complete the essentials. Nothing fancy or ostentatious here, just functional high-end upgrades to match what’s cooking under the hood. Proving that they certainly executed the overall look right, it won first place in the Jimny Street Category during the recently held Manila Auto Salon. Something that says a lot about the looks of this modded Jimny even though the build was primarily centered on making serious yet reliable horsepower to make it really go fast.



2018 Suzuki Jimny M/T

Mr. Carlos Gono

Autoplus Sports

MOTUL Philippines



K15B, 1.5-liter, Inline-4, DOHC,


Engine Mods

F Performance Turbo Kit

Garrett Turbo, Front Mount Intercooler, Aluminum Ceramic Coated Piping

Turbo Smart External Wastegate, 700cc Fuel Injectors, Walbro Fuel Pump,

Platinum Sparkplugs, Manifold Pressure Sensor,

Autoplus 2.5-inch Full Flow Custom Side Exit Exhaust w/ Twin Fi Exhaust Tip,


Engine management

Syvecs ECU/Intake Pressure sensor,



Motul 300V Competition Racing Oil, Motul Gear 300 75W90 Transmission Oil, Motul Gear Competition 75W140 Differential Oil, Motul Mocool Coolant,

Motul RBF 600 Brakefluid



5-Speed manual with Exedy racing Clutch



155 whp and 151 lb-ft of torque



RSR Full Adjust 80mm Coil Springs and Coilover Dampers,



AP Racing (4-Piston caliper) and rotors



Volk Racing TE-37 1880 Forged Wheels (18×9)

Falken Azenis FK510 SUV Tires (235/50/18)



Recaro SR7 Seats, Pioneer 2-Din Head Unit,



OEM JDM Side Mirror, Kenstyle Roof Spoiler, Rear wing, OEM JDM Grille,

Custom shaved rear spare tire bracket by Alex car Restoration,



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