January 20, 2023 By Richard Tan

Lunar New Year Car Superstitions To Bring You Prosperity in 2023

The Lunar New Year is upon us — here’s how you and your vehicle can attract prosperity and good fortune as we usher in the year of the Water Rabbit.

Keep a red item in your car

Red is considered the ultimate bringer of fortune at this time of the year. It’s not uncommon for people to leave ang bao/hong bao — red envelopes — containing a large Peso bill or two, in an effort to invite more prosperity and luck for the year ahead. Many vehicle owners would also do this with the intention of negating any “bad luck” characteristics their car may have, as many cars come in color black and/or have the number 4 on them.

If you intend to participate in this custom, we encourage you to avoid making your red envelope too visible, as it may attract unwanted attention, especially if you’ll park your car out to your view as you celebrate the New Year.


Display a pair of oranges on your dash

Oranges are associated with luck because the Chinese word for tangerine sounds similar to the Chinese word for auspicious or lucky. Aside from this, oranges have come to symbolize riches and good fortune because they have a “golden” color. This is why many people display oranges on their car’s dashboard during New Year.

Just make sure you don’t leave the fruit on your dash for too long, especially if you park your car out under the sun. They might attract insects and can leave sticky, difficult-to-remove residue on your dashboard if left for too long.

Remove sharp objects

This is one of those year-round, belief-transcending pieces of advice that everyone should generally observe, but it is worth pointing out that many hold the belief that using knives, scissors, and other sharp implements on New Year’s Day may signify cutting off one’s fortune for the year – or longer! So keep your luck long and uncut like your noodles.

If you do keep sharp tools in your vehicle for emergencies and other practical reasons, just keep them stored away and out of sight as you celebrate the Year of the Rabbit.

Give your vehicle a good clean

Cleanliness, as it turns out, isn’t only next to godliness; it’s also next to prosperity. Cleaning your car for the new year is important because it signifies getting rid of any accumulated bad luck from the previous year. So give your car a good wash and maybe even bring in the pros for a thorough detailing to have it spanking clean for the new year. If you manage to bring back the new car smell, that’s a plus!

Just make sure you get all your car cleaning done before New Year’s Day, however. It is believed that sweeping and cleaning on the day of New Year itself will sweep all the good fortune away.

Open your windows on New Year

Many believe that an open window on the first day of the Lunar New Year will bring good luck and prosperity to one’s home. Carry that belief over to your car and open your windows to welcome fortune and wealth as you drive around. Pair it with some positive vibes towards other motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians that you come across, to make sure that you start the New Year the right way.

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