November 28, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

Maintenance Options, Now And In The Future

Many new car buyers are pulled in by everything around the vehicle itself, but in reality, there is more you need to think about. We have discussed insurance at length already, what to look out for and how to prepare, and so on. Maintaining your car is also something you need to take into account, and your options aren’t just “bring it back to where you bought it.”


You should give some thought to what service will be like many years down the road.

Maintenance deals have been a big come-on lately for many brands, especially because they are trying to convince a public that seems less interested in car ownership how easy they say it can be. There are many plans now where your maintenance costs for the first few years are covered by the manufacturer or the dealer or even a financial plan.

Mazda new pickup 2022 BT 50

Many new vehicles, like Mazda’s new BT-50 pickup, come out of the showroom with extended service programs that help control costs of regular maintenance

Companies like Mazda have long-term programs that will cover maintenance costs, Lexus just announced some for their models. These are especially popular with car brands that are still trying to prove themselves in the market. In some countries the dealerships are being quite aggressive in a good way, using cell phone video to show customers what they are doing and why. An excellent service that we hope will be adopted by others.

brake fluid change

Brake Pad swaps are easily done by many shops, fluid changes as well.

But dealership service isn’t the only option. Many consumers see these long-term programs as a way to keep you in the brand ecosystem longer. Many consumers and enthusiasts keep servicing their cars with the authorized dealer only until the warranty lapses, after which it is to the less expensive neighborhood shop especially for simple things like oil changes and brake pad swaps. They just don’t want to spend that money on something that has already depreciated quite a bit.

oil change

Oil changes are one of the more popular maintenance procedures that drivers look to do outside the dealership

Service labor is one thing, parts are another. Some brands try to control the availability of their parts by making it hard for outside shops to buy what they need. That is a double-edged sword. Brands like Toyota and Mitsubishi are default buys for many, specifically because they know they can always source the parts needed somewhere. And many consumers don’t realize that used parts are an option. Some countries have entire industries devoted to junkyards you go to yourself, and car wreckers, and companies that offer online orders and their own warranties for those less mechanically inclined. While someplace like the Philippines may not have that level of the industry yet, it isn’t uncommon to have the smaller more specialized shops suggest second-hand parts when the original are either too expensive or too hard to get or when you can only buy a whole set that you don’t really need.

The Philippines has Banawe, or more accurately the area around Banawe Street that is home to many car parts stores and the like. These may be daunting for neophytes, but a little courage can save you a lot of time and money.

So there is a whole range of options, from dealership service to Do-It-Yourself and everything in-between. One thing to note, as cars become increasingly electronically complicated it may become harder and harder to purchase parts and use services outside the brand umbrella. Indeed many brands are making it more difficult for independent shops to become authorized to buy their parts and use their software. Car ownership and the experience around it may be changing more than many realize.

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