August 30, 2022 By C! Magazine Staff Words and Photos by Mike Potenciano

Mikey Jordan: Rising Star in GT Racing

There is a new racing star that has captured the admiration of the racing community and he is none other than 19-year-old Mikey Jordan!

Mikey had just taken two pole positions, 3 wins out of the last 4 races, and 3 second places in total, in this year’s Petron Philippine GT Championship GT100 class.  His tremendous rise in only his first full racing season this year has been phenomenal to say the least, especially there are veteran racers out there that he is dicing with.

Born with an American dad and Filipina mother, Mikey showed his natural talents early on in karting, when he was just 6 years old.  His mentor was his father Michael, who has the same name as the basketball legend, and was a bike racer in his younger years and an Asian Karting Champion in 2000s. They formed their Jordan Racing Team which was one of the powerhouse teams in the local karting community.

After the pandemic, the family decided to get into circuit racing and they both got old Hondas.  They had them set up by their mechanic in karting, Gino Memije.  They participated in the GT Championship last year but had to cut it short as Mikey attended school in London.  This year, after the first 2 legs of PGTC, the MP Turbo Team of Mike Potenciano and JAF Racing of Jevoy Moreno helped the father and son team.

In the 3rd leg, the newly formed Jordan-MP Turbo-JAF Team prepared to race in the GT100 at Clark International Speedway.  The team faced great challenges as Mikey had never raced in Clark yet and was going up against veterans and young guns that were racing there for at least 2 years.  

With practice, perseverance and luck, the team took the fastest time by only a few tenths over Toyota Vios driver and fellow karter Russell Cabrera.  Mikey then had a big battle in the first race with Cabrera and settled for 2nd place.  In the final race, GT100 4-time winner and series leader Karol Colllantes had a big accident with Cabrera in the first lap and Jordan slipped through to chase Cabrera.  Cabrera came home in first but was penalized for the incident with Karol earlier. This gave the win to Jordan and the team celebrated their first win of the season, in Mikey’s first race at Clark.

Last Sunday’s PGTC Leg 4 was another big event for the team as much was expected by the father Michael.  With a new setup and determined engineering to make it work, Mikey again took pole with 2:26.20, faster by 0.4 seconds against come backing circuit driver Oliver Aquino.  This took out all the doubts that the team had before qualifying in their setup and they knew they had a good car that Mikey can win in.

In the first race, Jordan was able to build up a lead when cars in the GT150 had a 3-car pileup.  The 2 Toyota Vios of Aquino and Collantes then got into their own battle that gave Mikey enough space to win the race.  This was the 2nd win for Mikey and the team was very happy to celebrate it.

The final race of the day had the reverse grid format for the top 50% of the winners and Mikey was brought at the back of the pack.  Right at the start, he was able to move up the field and placed himself in 3rd place behind Collantes and Aquino.  The trio made for spectacular racing in the GT100 class as they were changing leads all the time.  The swapping of 2nd and 3rd places between Aquino and Jordan were numerous and got the crowd on their feet.  

With about 2 laps to go, Aquino tried to dive inside of Collantes, who was slowing down.  However, the two collided and Collantes suffered a broken rear left wheel and had to crawl to the finish.  Aquino lost momentum and was slowly getting back on pace when Jordan took the lead.  Jordan never gave it back until the checkered flag and it was truly the best race so far in the GT100 class!

With this double win, Jordan had now closed the gap to Collantes for the title.  There are 2 more legs with 4 races in total, and there is still a mathematical chance for Mikey to win the GT100 title.  This will be an exciting battle with Collantes up to the end and any misfortune of both drivers will make the other win.  This just confirms that there is truly a new star driver in town and his name is Mikey Jordan!

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