April 04, 2020 By Gerard Jude Castillo

Nissan versus the tablet: Why the carmaker thinks its infotainment screens are more ideal

Tablet-style infotainment displays have become a common sight in new cars these days. In fact, if your car doesn’t have one, it kind of looks dated. Yet Nissan begs to disagree as it proposes its own infotainment display screen as seen in its Ariya Concept vehicle.

First seen last Year at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Ariya Concept is an all-electric vehicle that features a rather unique infotainment screen. We say unique because unlike the now-usual vertical screens that are seen in the likes of Tesla, Volvo, and even the new Subarus the Nissan system is oriented horizontally.

Besides being horizontally-oriented, its curved layout has a wave-like pattern that flows naturally into other elements of the interior such as the doors and various panels. It’s all in keeping with the aesthetics of the vehicle.

Beyond merely looking good, the Nissan infotainment screen aids in safety as it adheres to the human eye’s peripheral vision which looks from side to side. This allows it not only to be within the driver’s line of sight but will make for less distracted driving as one does not need to look away from the road ahead.

This is Nissan’s wave of the future, so to speak. Do you agree?

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