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Off road ready

Dub Shop Pro Off Road’s Modded Mitsubishi Strada and Suzuki Jimny

2020 Mitsubishi Strada

Better late than never. It might have taken awhile for Mitsubishi to release the latest iteration of their pickup, but it was surely worth the wait. Now on its third generation, the Mitsubishi Strada boasts of a distinct bodyline unlike most in its class with an updated interior. Up front, its front fascia design coincides with the rest of Mitsubishi’s latest vehicle line up. Starting with the front grille housing a slim headlamp including the chrome accents on the bumper. With a more powerful Clean Diesel engine and dependable suspension, the Strada is a strong contender in the pickup class.

Serving as a one-stop shop for aftermarket off road suspension systems and quality off road wheels/tires, Dub Shop Pro Off Road needs no introduction. Having been in business for decades catering to the changing needs of the enthusiast. And what better way to showcase their line up of suspension systems and off road gear than by transforming the latest Mitsubishi Strada into a capable off roader. What’s more, this in-house build also serves to showcase their latest line of Black Mamba off road wheels with AMP Tires, Explorer Suspension, Warn VR EVO Winch, Rad Bumpers, T-Max off road accessories and more.



The Mitsubishi Strada comes ready to rock, but as good as it is in stock form, Dub Shop Pro Off Road decided to modify it, literally elevating it to the next level. First up a 4-inch suspension lift was installed using a Unicorn lift kit for Independent Front Suspensions (IFS). Unlike quick (IFS) lifts that entail a simple coil and shock swap, suspension lifts that are more than 2-inches require more components. This should include among others a sturdy drop down cross member that lowers the differential together with the lower arms. Other integral components include Australian-made TJM coil springs that are higher rated to handle extreme off road use. For the Strada build they installed heavy duty Explorer Shocks with remote reservoir. This enables the shock to resist oil fade during extreme terrain conditions. What’s more it also features 8-way damping adjustability for total control over ride quality. Speaking of ride, it rolls on 17-inch Black mamba wheels on AMP Terrain Gripper All-Terrain A/T tires geared towards excellent all-terrain traction and stability for on and off road use.

Gnarly looking Rad steel bumpers were used at both ends of this Strada that’s professionally made from high grade steel, treated for rust and powder coated for durability. It’s the perfect accessory for any off road build that’s very much like this off road Strada as it comes with jacking points, recovery shackles and mounting provisions for driving lamps and a winch. When it comes to winches, nothing beats Warn. Especially the Warn VR Evo-Series that’s rated up to 12,000 lbs. and comes with a synthetic cable as opposed to steel lines. Other essential off road gear that they fitted on the Strada include a TJM Recovery Board, Body Armor backbone, a retractable step board and driving lamps from T-Max. Make no mistake, its one functional build, as every gear fitted on this Strada isn’t for looks alone as it serves a purpose. Collectively they all make it ready for any off road trail or over landing activity.


Suzuki Jimny

Popular. That’s how I would describe how the current Suzuki Jimny stands, basing on the hordes of four-wheel drive enthusiasts that has taken a liking to this pint sized four-wheeler since its recent release. Cant blame them really, its inspiring retro-look coupled with an improved drivetrain and loads of kit make it one fun off roader indeed. But what makes the Jimny even more enticing for enthusiasts is the huge amount of aftermarket parts available for it. From wheels, suspension, body kits and more, it’s all up to one’s imagination and budget.

When it comes to off-road wheels and 4×4 equipment, Dub Shop Pro Off Road needs no introduction. And what better way to showcase their extensive line up of suspension systems and off road gear than by transforming a stock Suzuki Jimny into a capable off roader. What’s more, this in-house build also serves to showcase some of their latest products such as, Bulldog Bumpers, TJM Suspension, Warn winches, DP Off road wheels, Maxtrek tires and more.

Since going off road entails a lot of driving along rough terrain, it’s normal to begin modding the suspension first. Not only will this establish what spring rates to use, but also prepare it for fitting larger wheels and tires. Designed and made in Australia, a TJM XGS Suspension kit was used consisting of TJM XGS 4000 Series shock absorbers and matching TJM XGS Series Coil springs. Aside from achieving better handling over rough terrain, it allows for more suspension articulation and increased ground clearance by as much as 2-inches. Keep in mind that any amount of suspension lift on a solid axle equipped vehicle will surely change its suspension geometry. The solution is to use an adjustable Panhard rod like a JS1 adjustable component that the Jimny has at the front and rear. With the upgraded suspension in place, the Jimny rolls on 30-inch Maxtrek Mud Trac tires. Designed as a cross-country tire, it has an aggressive tread pattern that will come in handy on muddy and sandy terrain. The 15-inch wheels are tough DP off road wheels that come with a simulated bead lock design lending a true off roader look.

For the exterior, the stock urethane bumpers were replaced with a more durable aftermarket metal bumper from Bulldog. Aside from the front loop that adds protection, it also has a mounting point for the winch to be mounted. In this case a heavy duty Warn Winch VR Evo-Series (8,500 lbs. rating) with synthetic rope means less weight compared to conventional steel lines without compromising safety. The rear Bulldog metal bumper incorporates a step board and comes with LED taillights, tow hitch and attachment points for recovery gear. To enhance the nighttime driving visibility a pair of T-Max 9-inch driving lamps was added.

Overall, Dub Shop Pro Off Road has successfully taken a bone-stock Jimny and transformed it into something functional and awesome looking. Something that looks good whether its out on the trail playing dirty or surgically clean in a car show representing Dub Shop Pro Off Road’s various line of aftermarket off road products. Either way, I reckon its one super fun build I wouldn’t mind driving to an off road adventure trip.


WARN Winch

Be Prepared

Nothing can be more synonymous when it comes to winches than Warn. Leading the way in durable, innovative, and trusted off-road products since 1948. Warn’s powerful winches, rock-solid bumpers and mounting systems, versatile rigging equipment, and proven 4WD hubs let truck, Jeep, SUV, and power sports owners be prepared, whether on the trail or on the job.

Warn Industries introduced a host of products to the winch market including the industry’s first 3-stage planetary gear train and free-spooling clutch, a new utility model, and the industry’s first all terrain vehicle (ATV) winch. Continuing to diversify its product line the company also offers fender flares and off-road accessory products.

The Warn VR EVO Series Winch sets the standard for what consumers are looking for in the world of winches. Made with a powerful series wound motor and a 3-stage planetary gear train for ultimate performance. The IP68-rated waterproof winch keeps the elements out while the high-end Albright contactor delivers maximum reliability.


4×4 Equipped

Back in the 70’s when 4WD’s were few, three similar minded individuals got their ‘off road thrill’ with customized FJ40s, F100s & Rovers. Fitted with custom-made bull bars and roll bars, it didn’t take long before; Lloyd Taylor, Cliff Jones and Steve Mollenhauer were making hand-made custom bars for a growing number of clientele. As the demand continued to grow, TJM was founded in 1973 and became the first company in Australia to manufacture and distribute quality 4WD equipment.

Since then TJM’s product range has extensively grown to include steel and alloy Bull Bars, Side and Rear Protection Bars, Side Steps, TJM Recovery Equipment, TJM Winches, TJM XGS Suspension, TJM Pro Lockers, Black Widow by TJM Drawer Systems, TJM Roof Top Tents & Awnings and more. To ensure every TJM product meets the highest levels of performance and functionality, TJM gear is designed, tested and manufactured to thrive in the world’s most famed off-road frontier: the Australian Outback. With this combination of extreme testing and world-class engineering behind it, it’s no wonder TJM is known worldwide.

DubshopPro Offroad – Makati:

3682 Bautista St., Makati CityFor Inquiries: Dubshop Elite – Banawe: 720 Banawe St., Quezon City (+632)251.9658

For Inquiries: Dubshop Elite – Banawe: 720 Banawe St., Quezon City (+632)251.9658

DubshopPro Offroad – Makati:

3682 Bautista St., Makati City

DubshopPro Offroad – Makati:

3682 Bautista St., Makati City (+632)810.3343



2020 Suzuki Jimny GLX Dub Shop Pro Off-Road

Exterior Mods Bulldog Front Bumper with Loop Bulldog Rear Bumper with Edge Step

Suspension Mods TJM XGS 4000 Series Shock Absorbers, TJM XGS 4000 Series Coil Springs, JS1 Adjustable Panhard Rod

Rollers DP Offroad Wheels (15×9.5) Maxtrek Mud Trac Tires (30×9.5R15)

External Gear T-Max 9″ LED Shooting Light WARN VR EVO 8,500lbs Synthetic Rope

Vinyl Graphics Foiltech. Started



2020 Mitsubishi Strada 4×4 Dub Shop Pro Off road

Suspension Mods Unicorn Lift kit (4”) Explorer Shock Absorbers (Remote Reservoir & 8-Way Damping Adjustability)

Rollers Black Mamba Pierce Wheels (17×10) AMP Terrain Gripper All-Terrain A/T (315/70R17)

External Mods RAD Steel Bumper Alpha Series (Front and Rear), RAD Utility Adjustable Rack, T-Max (9”) LED Shooting Light, TJM Recovery Jack, Body Armor backbone, T-Max Electronic Step Board, WARN VR Evo-Series (12,000 lbs) Synthetic Line WARN Epic Sidewinder.


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