August 27, 2021 By Francis G. Pallarco Photos by Mariony De la Cruz

Orange Runner: ’98 Honda Integra (DC-2)

Making its first public outing during this year’s Transport Show, there was plenty of head shaking going as soon as their eyes gazed upon the enormous turbocharger mounted on the wire tucked K20A engine and shaved detailed engine bay. Strong proof that all of the efforts that went into building this Integra was truly worth it as it won the show’s Best engine and Best engine bay award. But in this case, that’s not all for nearly every performance aspect of this modded Integra has been upgraded, turning it into one of the most aggressive showcar/racecar builds all rolled into one that I’ve ever featured and come across.

As far as Integra’s are concerned, it’s a popular tuner platform and is now considered as something that has aged well. Reason enough to elevate it to cult car status, which explains its continued desirability. So, Rex Tan didn’t think twice when he got word from a common friend that he was selling his Integra due to lack of parts and diminished interest as he explains, “The car really caught my attention because nowadays, it’s really hard to find a ’98 Integra US-spec version so I immediately bought it and turned it into a project car.”

As far as propulsion is concerned, Rex knows that he can’t go wrong with a boosted K-Series engine as he muses, “This is currently my 4th project car with a K-Series engine swap using nothing but the best parts from the States.” Only the best as his previous boosted K20 powered Civic (EG) was putting out 650 whp. The engine block was rebuilt with Darton sleeves to keep the 88mm CP forged pistons in one piece together with BC con rods.  The cylinder head was race-prepped by Bong Hilario of H3 Autoworks and fitted with a set of Supertech valvetrain components with custom turbo race cams and a large plenum intake manifold from Norris Prayoonto’s signature series Racing parts. After building his first pro stock car in 2000, Norris Prayoonto has been tearing up the Import drag racing scene with national records and multiple wins. Known as the first one to run a K-Series engine, he is also regarded as having one of the top sport compact drag teams in the States. Based on his numerous drag-winning engine setups, he has now developed his own line of drag race-spec parts.

Looking at the engine, the most visually appealing component would be the enormously sized turbo that looks as if it could swallow small animals. Bigger than his previous Precision Turbo unit, this is a Borg Warner S400SX that’s rated at 500 to 950+ horsepower. With a 91mm forged billet compressor wheel, paired with an 83mm turbine wheel, this is an ultra-high flowing turbine unit. It is then hooked up to a Full Race twin-scroll manifold that offers a more efficient delivery of exhaust gas energy to the turbo. Similar in concept to pairing cylinders on race headers for N/A engines, twin-scroll design pairs cylinders to one side of the turbine inlet so that the kinetic energy from the exhaust gases is recovered more efficiently by the turbine. Speaking of exhaust, that’s the custom 4-inch pipe fabbed by H3 Autoworks poking out through the hood. With this amount of power and intended use, it would be impossible to plumb the huge pipe under the engine and mount a 4-inch exhaust system under the car. It sure is loud, but hey this ain’t exactly for everyone.

High horsepower numbers also equate to enormous amounts of fuel. In this case, a dual fuel pump system was used together with an additional Kenne-Bell fuel pump booster to feed four 2000cc Injector Dynamics fuel injectors with E85 fuel. Mind you this is one serious fuel delivery system.

A twin-disc clutch transmits power to a pair of drag-spec, level 5.9 driveshafts, and Wavetrac LSD. Orchestrating the entire engine operation is an AEM Series 2 Electronic Management System (EMS) together with a Hondata (4bar) Map sensor. Tuned on the Autoplus dyno by Ralph De Jesus of RDJ Solutions, the Integra put out a staggering 753 whp and 505 ft-lbs of torque. While it has yet to see a drag strip, Rex already estimates it to run 10.8 to 11 seconds on the quarter-mile using drag slick tires.

Other notable race-spec mods on this killer Integra include the Racepack IQ3 digital dash. Capable of displaying every parameter, this does away with having to mount so many external gauges on the dash. Big power equals serious brakes and this one takes the form of a big brake kit from AP Racing. Suspension duties are handled by fully adjustable coil-overs from Dynamics and the requisite Function 7 lower control arm and subframe. As far as the exterior goes, the crew of H3 Autoworks was responsible for straightening and sorting the whole car and shot it with an orange hue. But not before seam welding the unibody and adding a 6-point roll cage. That plus the addition of a C-West body kit a GT-wing and canards from J’s Racing.

True enough, there’s more to this build than my pages would allow. But more importantly, this became more than just a wicked Integra as Rex explains, “As a result, I’ve gained many foreign friends from the drag racing industry, racers, engine builders and fabricators, which I think is a key factor in finishing the Integra. It’s like having different minds working together in one project car.” And adds, “Also, I was very lucky to work with Prayoonto Racing in the States.  Owner Norris Prayoonto himself helped a lot and referred me to most of the shops that catered to my needs – from the engine to electrical, transmission, and so forth. He’s even planning on visiting the country soon.”  Even though it has put out 700+ whp, with a fuel change they’re still gunning for the 800 mark. In parting, Rex offers this piece of advice to those planning on doing an all-out engine build, “Buy only high-quality engine parts/components and more importantly set a horsepower goal first before buying any aftermarket engine part.” Wise words from someone who sees his 700+ whp Integra as merely a streetcar with an engine of a racecar.

Tuner Mods

Honda Integra (DC-2)

(‘98 USDM to ‘00 JDM spec)

Rex Tan


  • K20A

Engine Type:

  • 2.0-Liter, Inline-4, DOHC, 16v with I-VTEC,

Engine Mods:

  • Darton Sleeved Block, CP Pistons, BC Connecting Rods
  • ACL Race Bearings, ARP Engine fasteners, H3 Headworks
  • Supertech Valvetrain, Prayoonto Turbo Camshaft
  • Prayoonto Intake Manifold, Skunk2 (74mm) Throttle body
  • ATI Super Damper

Forced induction:

  • Borg Warner S400sx Billet (67mm), Full-race twin-scroll manifold
  • Full-Race Tial 44mm wastegate, Full-race Tial blowoff
  • Full-Race intercooler, Vibrant Performance Vanjen clamps
  • H3 Custom 3″ charge pipe, H3 Custom 4″ hood exit Stainless exhaust
  • Thermotec exhaust wrap, Mac boost per gear

Fuel Delivery:

  • Bosch 044 Fuel Pump (x2), T1 dual pump hanger, Injector dynamics 2000
  • Earl’s Pre-pump fuel filter (x2), Weldon Post Pump Filter
  • K-Tuned Pro1000 Fuel Rail, Weldon fuel pressure regulator
  • Tech AFX braided lines, Tech AFX black fittings, Magnafuel Y block
  • FCS Race 5gal fuel cell, Kenne-Bell dual Boost-a-Pump (17.5v)

Other Stuff:

  • Chasebays water reservoir and grounding kit, Griffin Aluminum radiator
  • SPAL slim fan, Spoon radiator stay, K-Tuned coil plug cover
  • K-Tuned upper coolant outlet and lower coolant swivel outlet
  • K-tuned shifter grommet, K-tuned billet TPS, B&R Fittings, and braided lines
  • ARP bolts & washers, Hasport billet engine mount race inserts
  • Minion exhaust plug

Drivetrain Mods:

  • Driveshaft shop level 5.9 Axle, Clutchmasters FX750 twin-disc clutch
  • Wavetrac LSD, Ppg 1-4, K-Tuned billet shifter box & transmission cables

Engine Management:

  • AEM Series-2 Electronic Management System, Tractuff ECU mounts
  • Hondata (4bar) Map sensor, Racepack IQ3 Guage, PLX Wideband gauge


  • 753 whp, 505 ft-lbs on the Autoplus Dyno tuned by Ralph De Jesus,

Suspension Mods:

  • Dynamics adjustable coil overs, Function7 rear lower control arms
  • Function7 rear sub frame, Full-Race traction bar

Brake Mods:

  • AP Racing big brake kit, Goodridge steel braided brake lines,


  • Volk Racing CE28N Wheels (17×8.5)
  • Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 Tires (225/45ZR17)

Interior Mods:

  • Recaro SPG Bucket seats, Seat Rails, & Sidemounts, Takata Harness
  • Cusco/Safety21 7pt. Rollcage, Spoon rear strut bar
  • J’s Racing Xtreme racers steering wheel

Exterior Mods:

  • C-West bodykits, J’s racing front canards, J’s racing gt wing
  • Craft Square (side mirrors)

Body & Paint:

  • H3 Autoworks

Kudos To:

  • H3 Autoworks/jdmunderground, Autocircuit/CEM, Autoplus/Motul
  • Dynamics/ECW, Brodeth Turbo Fab, Spugen OEM/JDM Honda,
  • Nosrac Customs, Prayoonto racing, Full-Race, FCS, Ipg parts
  • Chasebays, K-tuned, most importantly I would like to thank my family
  • Rose Jeneen and Ruth for their support and my loyal friends and my
  • jdmundergroundph family

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