January 12, 2020 By Nicolas A. Calanoc

Quick Car Care Guide Versus Volcanic Ash

Just a few hours ago, Taal Volcano erupted. This has caused volcanic ashes to spread across the metro. We can expect the ashes to settle in our surroundings the next few days. Because of this, we have been getting a ton of phone calls and messages on what they should do with the cars. So, here is a quick guide on what to do (or not do) with the cars covered in volcanic ashes:


I. Don’t Wipe the Car

You won’t be able to see it with your naked eye, but under a microscope, the ash particles are composed of microscopic rocks that will damage your car when pressure is applied. So as much as it is tempting to wipe the volcanic ash off the hood and windshield, avoid wiping or dusting off at all costs.

car care against ashfall

II. No-Contact Wash Your Car

We would advise not to be driving your car, but that is like telling someone not to do your job. So if you do plan to go out, we suggest to pressure wash, hose down, or pour water to wash off the volcanic ash on your car. Once it is washed off, you can shampoo your car with a pH-neutral car shampoo to neutralize the acidity of the volcanic ash.


car care against ashfall

III. Check Your Windshield Wipers

Volcanic ash can actually scratch the car’s windshield, so don’t forget to make sure that your windshield wipers are clean to the touch. Make sure it is dried properly as well.


IV. Apply Wax as Soon and as Safe as Possible

If by any chance you get to have your car washed under the shade and ash is not settling back onto the car, waxing the car will give it a layer of protection against the harsh chemicals and acidity of the volcanic ash. If dust is settling back to the car as soon as you wash it, you are better of skipping this step and just washing the car until the volcanic ash is gone.


car care against ashfall

V. Check Intake Filters

Since the car needs to take in air, it is no surprise that the intake filters of the vehicle will be affected. Check the owner’s manual or online on how to inspect your intake air filter, making sure it is not heavily covered. Therefore, we advise not to take out your car. But if you really must, always inspect your air filter before you leave while the engine is not hot.


Don’t forget that the volcanic ashes, is very dangerous to the human body since it contains carbon dioxide, sulfates, hydrochloric acid, and hydrofluoric acid to name a few. So, keep safe everyone!


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