July 12, 2022 By C! Magazine Staff Words and Photos: Maki Aganon

Smart, Sporty and Contemporary: MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS

In the vast sea of sport-tourers in the market today, MV Agusta offers something that should stand out, provided that they do not compromise with the quality and luxury on standard equipment, they just took this bike to another level. A technology that minimizes rider fatigue at idle situations.

Uncompromising artistic value and eloquence. This is how I personally define MV Agusta. The brand direction is exploiting the limits of beauty and lines that inspire emotion, speed and dynamic feelings. When competitors magnify the balance of spec and price detail, MV Agusta simply looks the other way. Their current models instill seduction and attraction, without giving away the value of speed and technology.

MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS is like a fragrant rose moving forward on fire in a graceful manner. It stands out as an epic-tourer that is really screaming attention while being silent and still. The body is fire-red, muscle flexed body with flairs inspired by gallant speed. Every angle is fine art, the attention to detail is outstanding, like a painter who took his time, with a guiding hand feeling every brush stroke in the ambient symphony.

This bike has a snatchy throttle feeling. It means that this bike is sporty in nature thanks to its 3-cylinder, 110hp, counter-rotating crankshaft that delivers a hefty torque. The engine platform is a 798cc but feels a lot more like it. It has a smart engine management system, complimented by a Mikuni ride-by-wire.
It is manually operated by a clutch lever, BUT, because of the electronic assisted up and down quick-shifter, it practically and conveniently makes it useless. Think of riding a semi-automatic motorcycle, but in this case, you have to familiarize yourself with rpm-matching to achieve a smooth and buttery gear shifting.
Last but not the least, the cream of the crop is the SCS or the Smart Clutch System. This model is standard equipped with the Rekluse RadiusCX that prevents engine stalling by disengaging the clutch when engine RPMs drop near idle. At full stop, with a little throttle input, the clutch engages allowing the rider to take off without using the clutch lever. Even so, the rider is allowed to still use the clutch lever anytime. It also functions as additional power and torque delivery, thanks to the TorqDrive thin friction disc technology. It is a good advantage with a lot of stop-and-go traffic jam situations.
This bike is equipped with Heated Grips, Bluetooth, Cruise Control, GPS Sensor and a center stand. It can also be connected with the MV Ride App Mobisat tracker.
The frame is steel trellis, but the single side swing arm is aluminum alloy. The front suspension is inverted with semi-active telescopic hydraulic fork with MVCSC or MV Agusta Chassis Stability Control, making it’s front suspension work very well, less bottoming. The rear suspension is a compliment, with Progressive Sachs, semi active single-shock with hydraulic spring preload, also with MVCSC.
Brakes are Brembo standard, cornering ABS equipped (Continental¬†MK100 w/ RLM). More weight loss on 17″ aluminum alloy wheels, short 1.445mm wheelbase that makes it agile and flickable, saddle height of 830mm vs a 140mm ground clearance. This bike is light for its 438.72 in the sport touring segment.
If you’re in the market for a sophisticated sport tourer with that neck-breaking flair and brand that is bespoke, then this is for you. If you live in the city and usually take the twisty roads towards the coast or countryside trips, with luggage option or pillion, then this is a good choice. Despite the displacement class, if you value the specs, additional comfort value and technology, rather than just plain speed benefits, then this is for you.
MV Agusta Turismo 800 Lusso SCS is a concept, seductive, comfortable, sporty and eclectic all in one. A sport-tourer that boasts elegance with sporty DNA to match a youthful vibe with a spirit that longs for exploration.
Actual Usage
This bike was ridden long and hard in different road scenarios. First, the highways to Clark are easy, gliding and fun with pillion to match, said to be comfortable like its counterparts. The torque is fun and actual, thanks to the ride-by-wire, although I felt the wind screen is a bit too low for wind drags. Since the bike is too smart, it will fight you with rev-matching in terms of gear shifting, so I had to adapt. In exchange, you get to feel the bike more. The exhaust sound is buzzing, as all triples do, you get that linear feel, and lip-biting, eye-squinting pleasure.
Then, I took this bike towards the coast of Laiya through Baras – Mabitac – Pagsanjan – San Pablo – San Juan. This way you experience different road conditions to see the bike’s capabilities. The first thing that mattered is handling, thanks to its short wheelbase, the bike is nimble, well complimented by its lightweight body. Braking is superb, Brembo of course, and suspension is working on its own, like a cat tip toe.
On the twisty roads, I had to adapt to its rev-matching sequence. Unlike other bikes, the rider input bends the bike at will, in this case, you have to work with the bike as it thinks on its own. I find it odd, based on my own aggressive riding style, this bike opts to be more careful, which is good for beginner/intermediate riders. On laid back cornering, it’s a pleasure working with the up and down shift assist. Riding feels like a breeze, without the use of the clutch lever. It makes touring safe and calm.
The SCS is a wonder by the time you encounter wild traffic jams. Like any other big bike rider getting stuck in traffic, the clutch is a nightmare especially with upper middleweights and liter bikes. In this case, with an upright riding posture and the benefit of anti-stall tech of the Rekluse. It makes life easier and less fatigue. The only downfall is the high engine temperature it makes on idle. There are some instances where the panel will warn you of high engine heat. With intense gridlock, this bike could struggle and slow cook your thigh. But in the end, the feature matters with its adaptation.
The TFT meter shows a lot of info, but maybe can be improved to a more refined projection in the near future. Right now, it looks like a late game console, but in plain view, it does its job.
I received the bike lowered at 830mm and still got a nice sporty ride. This bike’s ergonomic computation favors the sporty kind. I’d say it is one of the safest sport tourers in the market today given all its specs and tech equipment.

This is a good starter road-adv and and probably a good retirement bike for long haulers and comfort travellers. It is also a good daily big bike, thanks to the anti-stalling and leverless clutch operation once you get used to it. It has unmistakable character, head-turning design, and bespoke details that present itself on its own like fine art.

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