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Testing the Kia K2500 | When Utility and Capability Have A Perfect Commercial Mix

Thanks to Kia Philippines and the K2500, having a truck that has the most amount of utility and having 4×4 capability are not mutually exclusive anymore. Back in the day, businesses can only choose one or the other because other car manufacturers only offered 4x2s on their commercial light trucks. For logistics that involved just roads, this was perfectly fine. But with how the Philippines is where there are a lot of businesses that go off the road like farms, fisheries, resorts, restaurants, deliveries, and construction; businesses had to choose between utility or capability.

It was common practice before that either a 4×2 light truck was purchased and the business hoped for the best or a 4×4 pick-up was bought but it was either heavily modified, which means more cost, or it wasn’t as practical as a dropside or a van was. With the Kia K2500 and their 4×4 variants, that dynamic will change drastically.

Having that said, you can tell that I believe that the game-changer in this category is the Kia K2500 4×4 Double Cab Dropside because no other car company offers the same. But in the next paragraph, let us go through the benefits of the Kia K2500 series as a whole:

It has A 2.5L CRDI turbocharged diesel engine that makes it one of the best performing in its class. And despite that, the NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) levels of the Kia K2500 were low compared to its competition thanks to its double rubber seals that can be found on the rims of the doors and the cab where they meet. The light clutch was predictable and forgiving, allowing new drivers to adapt easily and veteran drivers to have an easy time. Last, but not least: the 6-speed manual transmission felt sedan-like that didn’t need any force to change gears. When I was changing gears, it was smooth and hassle-free.

All these basic comforts may not sound much to people who don’t drive these kinds of trucks daily, but it is these same comforts and conveniences that make trucks safer for not only the driver, passengers, and cargo, but also for everyone around it.

For any business that requires the commercial light truck utility with 4×4, you will be looking at the Kia K2500 4×4 Double Cab Dropside versus the cheapest 4×4 pick-up. Both will be roughly at the same price, but the pick-up’s flatbed can’t beat the utility of the dropside. From a productivity standpoint, loading heavy objects to the flatbed of a pick-up will require more work, strength, and is inherently more dangerous versus the dropside where objects can be loaded waist high, which means that you are not sacrificing the shoulders. The Kia K2500 4×4 Double Cab Dropside can also fit 6 people comfortably versus the pick-up that can do 5, but you will have to squeeze everyone in. And lastly, the pick-up is way longer, which means that the K2500 maximizes its carrying capability in a smaller footprint.

So for business owners who are looking for a light commercial cab that has 4×4 capability, they no longer have to compromise. With the Kia K2500 4×4, you have way more options that will suit your needs.


Engine: 4-cylinder CRDi turbocharged diesel
Displacement: 2.5L
Max Power: 130 bhp @ 3,800 rpm
Max Torque: 188 lb-ft @ 1500 – 3000 rpm
Transmission: 6-speed manual
L/W/H: 4825 mm/1740 mm/2105 mm
Wheelbase: 2600 mm
Curb Weight: 1745 – 2287 kg
Gross Weight: 3360 kg


Kia K2500 4×2

  • Cab & Chassis – PhP 890,000
  • Closed Van – PhP 920,000
  • Kargo – PhP 1,025,000
  • Karga – PhP 1,165,000

Kia K2500 4×4

  • Single Cab Dropside – PhP 1,010,000
  • Closed Van – PhP 1,080,000
  • Kargo – PhP 1,135,000
  • Karga – PhP 1,280,000

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