February 12, 2020 By Gerard Jude Castillo

The Aston Martin Vantage Roadster: For the gentleman who enjoys open-top motoring

The Aston Martin Vantage has always been synonymous with luxury and driving pleasure. It’s a gentleman’s sport car that packs a punch when it comes to driving performance both in a straight line and in the corners.

But what about those gents that want to feel the wind in their hair and bask in the sunshine? Admittedly, this is where Aston Martin’s premiere sporty offering has been left wanting. Not anymore, as the British luxury sports car maker now has the Vantage Roadster.

Launched just in time for the Vantage’s 70th birthday, the Vantage Roadster features a “Z Fold” roof that takes just 6.7 seconds to drop and 6.8 ticks to get back in place. This makes it the fastest folding roof mechanism in any sports car sold today. And this can be done up to speeds of 50km/h.

Vantage Roadster

Vantage Roadster

Apart from the drop-top, the new Roadster gets additional bracing, along with adaptive suspension, rear differential, and torque vectoring—goodies borrowed from its coupe sibling. The entire range also gets a slatted grille (which is an ode to Aston Martins of yore), and new wheel designs.

What remains is the 4.0L V8 that produces 503bhp and 505lb-ft of torque. Hooked up to either an 8-speed ZF transmission or optional 7-speed manual gearbox, it will allow the open-top number to do the 0-100km/h sprint in just 3.7 seconds and go all the way to a 306km/h top speed.

Gentlemen who want that open top sport car experience can expect to see the Aston Martin Roadster hit dealerships by the third quarter of this year. Aston Martin, however, will be glad to accept your reservation despots this early.

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