June 15, 2022 By Gerard Jude Castillo

The Porsche Taycan goes on tour to help empower society

It’s no secret that Porsche regards its Taycan as the future of sports cars–potent, drives like  Porsche, yet emits zero harmful gasses. So it’s no surprise that the fully electric Taycan is likewise the ambassador of Porsche’s initiatives to help preserve the environment and empower the youth via the Join the Porsche Ride tour.

The Taycan Tour, as it is called, recently kicked off in Stuttgart en route to its first stop: Leipzig in Germany. Here, Porsche will undertake environmental preservation initiatives by helping preserve natural habitat and greenery. And what better way than to drive a fully electric vehicle with zero tailpipe emissions.

After the Leipzig stop, the tour will go on to Switzerland where it will focus on social engagement and youth empowerment. It will likewise head on to France and China within the next two years. 

These initiatives are part of Porsche  philosophy that it is part of a global community and society. It hopes to inculcate values  that will help empower not just the youth but the disadvantaged and show them that they, too, are an integral part of humankind. 

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