January 25, 2020 By Gerard Jude Castillo

The TDF-1 will let you live out your F1 fantasies without actually having to sign up with a race team

It’s no secret that many gearheads dream of driving or even owning a Formula 1 car. Yet the reality is, you need to make your way up the ladder to that pinnacle of motorsport.

For those who are lucky enough to afford it, however, that dream might just come into fruition, thanks to a company called Tour-De-Force. The British firm offers the TDF-1, the closest thing one will come to owning a full-on F1 car.

Based on the 2011 Marrusia F1 car, it utilizes the MVR02 or 2012 Sauber C31 chassis and has been slightly modified with goodies like a 6-speed sequential shift (versus the 7-speed box), as well as the company’s own 600bhp turbocharged TDFM600T motor. Sure, it may not be the original F1 car’s mill but this thing still has a power-to-weight ratio of 1,000bhp/ton!

A few mechanical pieces aside, you still get F1-style gear such as a hand-operated clutch, an F1-style steering wheel festooned with a plethora of buttons and switches, Pirelli P-Zero tires, and DRS. Plus, TDF will even fly the racer to any track of your choice, along with a crew of engineers and your very own fitness coach. The last one is to help you once you realize just how severe those g-forces are while piloting this rocket.

So, are you ready to live out your F1 fantasies?


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