June 23, 2022 By Francis G. Pallarco Words & Photos by Francis G. Pallarco

THINGS TO HAVE INSIDE THE CAR When was the last time you checked the glove compartment?

With traffic back to pre-pandemic levels, everyday driving in the Metro makes it an adventure in itself. As such, every driver/motorist should always be prepared to deal with unpredictable moments or obstacles in our daily drive. So with that in mind, here’s a short list of basic and practical items to have inside the car that just might come in handy for those days when you least expect it.

Vehicle Documentation

Aside from the owner’s manual, always carry a copy of your vehicle’s current Land Transportation Office (LTO) Certificate of Registration (CR) and Official receipt (OR). This is mandated by law and necessary when getting in an altercation or a traffic violation. The CR shows the pertinent details of the vehicle including who owns it, while the OR shows that it has paid the annual registration fee. This should also include the latest copy of vehicle insurance policy.


Hunger Aid

Getting unexpectedly stuck in a long traffic jam on an empty stomach is not a good thing. Most especially in semi-emergency situations, such as low blood sugar, heat exhaustion and just low energy. Good reason to put a small stash of candies, gum, mints or better yet an energy bar inside the glove compartment. Just remember to keep it in a resealable container like a Zip Lock bag so as not to attract ants or make a mess. A bottle of drinking water would also be a good addition. If you are taking any form of medication, it would also be wise to bring them along.


Repair and More

A compact Multi-Tool is like a Swiss Army Knife or a Leatherman is just what you need just in case you need to cut something, loosen a screw, pluck out debris and more. A flashlight of any kind will do as long as it has working batteries will come in handy for seeing in the dark. A microfiber cleaning cloth would be just the thing to wipe dirty hands with or for accidental spills and removing dirt. Lastly, a USB mobile phone charger cable that plugs into what used to be the cigarette lighter outlet would be helpful for those days when you simply forgot to charge your phone.

The Bottom Line

Assuming that you already have a proper spare tire and tools necessary to change a tire, this list is not an exhaustive recommendation of what to keep in your car. Treat this as a starting point of essential things that you would personally prefer to have inside the vehicle at all times.

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