March 24, 2020 By Carl S. Cunanan

To the young boy that sent us the photos

Thank you very much! It was a great thing to see you amidst your rather large collection of magazines. It really lifted everyone’s spirits in these trying times.

I’m sorry you haven’t gotten your latest issue of C! Magazine. No one has, it’s been unable to be moved as of now because of the quarantine and safety issues. We are putting it online now in an attempt to get it out to everyone that’s been asking.

We started this little company almost two decades ago precisely for people like you, people like us, people who wanted more information and a bit of enthusiasm and passion. We will continue to do this in whatever form we need to for the time being, at least until things stabilize. We also however are trying to help out the communities in any way we can, and that sometimes will take increasingly more of our time.

Having said that, we will continue to share our passion and enthusiasm in whatever way we can. We started this thing because of our joy in what we do, and in many ways that makes it easier to keep going even when things get tough. Many people clearly think the same way, and we thank all of them for helping us through all the years and for helping us and the community as we get through all that’s now going on.

My son was about your age when he would go with me to car shows and help me give out child-sized C! Caps to kids. We had great fun. Especially when adults asked for them and tried to fit them on their big heads! I wish for you, and for all of us, those little joys that mean so much.

Again thank you for your photo. It meant more than you will ever know. I look forward to the day we can return the favor.

Carl Cunanan

The C! Group

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