January 18, 2023 By Wowie Go

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for ‘Kamote’ Drivers

The turn of the new year also signifies the turning of a new leaf for most people. While most resolutions during the start of the year revolve around making changes to improve oneself, such as losing weight or smoking less, how about resolutions to make our roads a better place?

01. I will not go against the flow of traffic.

We know you don’t want to wait in line — no one ever does. So this year, fight that urge to leave it when you see the incoming lane is empty to try and slot yourself in closer. More often than not, it’s monkey-see-monkey-do. And when you set a precedent of making your own zipper lane, other kamotes will usually follow suit. 

02. I will start using my turn signals before making a turn.

A common cause of a lot of accidents at intersections is miscommunication between drivers making a turn and drivers wanting to go straight. The next time you want to make a turn, remember that no one can read your mind. Switch your blinker on at least 100 feet before your turn, and be mindful of incoming traffic. If your counterpart isn’t a kamote, they’ll likely slow down to let you through without incident.

03. I will follow the lines painted on parking lots.

The next time you think about parking your beloved car using more space than necessary to protect it, thinking the people around you will understand, stop yourself. We aren’t at a car show, and we all want to take care of our cars too, which is why the lines are there in the first place. More people get to park, and you keep your door from getting dinged up; it’s a win-win! 

04. I will not use my hazard lights in the rain.

Hazard lights were made to signal moving traffic that you’ve stopped, hence the name. This is why it doesn’t serve you or your fellow motorists to use them while you’re moving fast in the middle of torrential rain. In 2023, ditch the misguided logic that it aids people in seeing you better on the road. They don’t see you in the darkness of night either, but you don’t turn your flashers on then, right? That’s what your lights are for.

05. I will not use my hazard lights to stop anywhere I like.

Hazards also don’t give you immunity to come to a halt in the middle of the road for however long you want unless you’ve truly broken down. This year, be a better driver and stop in designated places to drop off or pick up passengers. And when you take longer than expected, give other motorists a chance to do their business on your spot. You can’t use your flashers as a forcefield against security guards making you go around.

06. I will not hog the inner lane.

You see it mounted on overpasses along highways across the country: “Inner lane is for overtaking.” Let’s finally give this the attention and respect it deserves. Even when you’re driving at the speed limit, stay clear of the passing lane. If other kamotes want to overtake you by going past the speed limit, remember that it’s not your job to police them.

07. I will only use my high beams when it’s necessary.

Thankfully, we’ve now been seeing newer vehicles that adapt beam strength automatically when there’s oncoming traffic. While these are slowly becoming standard, always remember that you’re not the only one on the road that needs to see. If you find that your headlights are way too dim, maybe stop to think that it’s your car that has the problem.

08. I will not drive intoxicated.

This one’s a no-brainer, yet we see these videos time and time again of kamote drivers plying the road totally sloshed, getting into horrible accidents. Let’s try and lower this statistic this year. Remind yourself: When you drive drunk, you not only put yourself in danger, you put everyone else as well. 

09. I will make my car road-legal.

Got non-LTO issued vanity plates or strobing brake lights mounted to your vehicle? Maybe you want to consider the start of the year to be the perfect time to chuck ‘em in the trash. While we’re certainly not against modifying cars (we have an entire section devoted to this, after all), we also want to advocate abiding by the laws of our roads. Illegal modifications or accessories are not only tacky, but they’re also dangerous. Trust us, it didn’t look cool last year, it certainly won’t look cool now.

10. I will practice restraint and avoid altercations.

Repeat after us: Road rage is not worth it. Not only might you be the next YouTube sensation, but it’s also hard to tell what the opposite person might do to you. For all you know, that other kamote might just be packing heat stored in his glove compartment or tucked under his shirt. So think to yourself: Is it really worth losing my life over? 

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