November 24, 2020 By Francis G. Pallarco Photos: Jun Vinluan

Tuner: Lexus Cool

Presenting the Rocket Bunny Lexus RCF

Launched only just a year ago, the awesome looking Lexus RC-F has successfully blended the luxuriousness of their RC coupe with the brute force that only a V8 engine can deliver. The end result is a perfect balance between capability and comfort in true Lexus style. The only question here is; can it be modded?

After hitting the car show circuit a few years back with his Rocket Bunny clad and AirRex suspended Toyota 86, Coy Enriquez deemed it was time to step back into the scene once again. As such, he set his sights on the freshly released RC-F because of its potent V8 engine that propels an aptly proportioned body shell. Oh, and don’t forget the interior too that’s fitted with every bell & whistle Lexus can dish out. Obviously Coy’s Lexus RC-F build takes on a slightly different approach compared to the ones he did in the past. For starters, this one’s not built to break track records, but more of something comfortable that he can actually drive everyday with enough power to hold its own and ultimately make jaws drop with its show stopping look.

When it comes to looks, it seems that wide over fenders with exposed rivets/screws are here to stay. In fact, they have become a prominent styling cue, whether it is applied on old school or late model builds. Heading up this styling revolution is none other than Kei Miura of TRA Kyoto in Japan who’s behind the Rocket Bunny line of body kits that are selling like crazy internationally. The costly body kit includes, the wide front/rear over fenders that significantly add a lot of girth to the RC-F’s behind. Not to mention the the various carbon fiber pieces such as front lip, canards, low-slung side skirts, and duck bill spoiler all the way to the rear diffuser. For a proper install and precise color matching of the body kit, the RC-F was sent over to Alex Car Restoration where they did an impeccable metallic pearl-based white paint finish. Looking at the finished exterior, the aggressively designed Rocket Bunny aero panels seem to flow pretty well with the factory lines of the RC-F. Something that these Japanese automotive artisans have perfected and pull off so well.

Power comes from a Lexus factory stock V8 engine stuffed with enough performance-derived hardware; it’s almost a sin to call it stock. With forged connecting rods, high compression pistons, lighter crankshaft, titanium intake and exhaust valves, (32 in total), larger throttle body, fuel injectors, variable camshaft angle and lift technology plus more to give the revamped 2UR-GSE V-8, 467 bhp and 393 lb/ft of torque. This is supported by an 8-speed sport direct shift automatic transmission with four driver selectable modes. In true RWD fashion, the RC-F comes with a Torsen limited slip differential to help it gain traction under any condition.

No Rocket Bunny clad creation wouldn’t be complete without a proper air suspension. As such, this one sports a tried and tested AirRex adjustable air suspension system. It’s the best thing since the old school hydraulic low rider suspension systems as this one simply relies on air. With a stout air compressor and dual air tanks out back, lifting or lowering the vehicle is faster and simply done through a wireless remote. With different custom setting s to choose from, it can be programmed for an ultra low position, a semi low position and one that’s suited for actual driving. As for the wheels, they’re custom made, 20-inch DPE wheels featuring a classic mesh-type design in a staggered fitment. Measuring in at 9.5-inches up front and a staggering 13-inches wide, the custom all-black finish wheels really compliment the extended girth of the Rocket Bunny over fenders. Overall, this is the first Rocket Bunny Lexus RC-F on our shores and might well be the only one. It’s a unique fusion of style and aggression all rolled into one wide and ground scraping statement. It is a given that exclusivity has a price and benefits, so the only question left here would be how much is one willing spend and go beyond.



Coy Enriquez


V8, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder, Dual VVTi, Direct Injection


8-Speed, Sports Direct Shift with Paddle Shifters, Torsen Limited Slip Diff

Horsepower & Torque

467 bhp, 393 lb-ft @ 4800 rpm


AirRex Air Suspension


DPE RD20 Model Wheels, (Front: 20×9.5, Rear: 20×13)Custom painted gloss black with step lip and matte textured black face with

Exposed hardware,

Nitto INVO Tires, (Front: 235/25ZR20 Rear: 345/25ZR20)


Brembo Front: 6-piston, Rear 4-Piston, with ventilated and slotted discs


TRA Kyoto-Design, Rocket Bunny Wide-body Aero Kit Front Lip Spoiler, Front and Side Canard Set, Side Skirts, Front Over-Fender set, Rear Over-Fender set, Rear Under Diffuser, Rear GT wing,

Body & Paint

Alex Car Restoration


DPE Wheels, Alex Car Restoration, Car Porn Racing, Emperor Motorsports,



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