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Tuner: Progressive State

This properly built ‘Hachi-Roku’ only gets better and better

Back in the day before engine swaps became common practice, the Luz brothers (Joel, Joji, Jony) were already at it with numerous builds as Jony recalls, “Our obsession with cars, started mid 70’s, as our father Pio Luz was into the transportation business, thus triggering us to work on cars. My eldest brother Joel Luz had the first hand in modifying cars. We were always Toyota fanatics, as Toyota (Delta Motor Corp) supported us. When Joel graduated from college, my dad sent him to Japan where he had only one thing in mind, to get the first 18RG factory spec Tosco (now TRD) engine into Manila. Soon after, brand new 2TG crated spec engines and specialty parts were soon, if not fast enough imported. We started engine swaps on Corona’s (RT100-RT110) and Corolla’s (KE30-KE35), stuffing 2.0-liter, 18RG engines on the Corona, pumping them up to 2.2-liters. The 1.6-liter 2TG on the Corolla’s were pumped to 2.0-liters. Time came when my brother decided to go Stateside, thus “Toysport” was born and he did his thing. Even though it was competition for us, we used to have a Zakspeed Group-1 spec Escort, a Mitsubishi Lancer with full C3 engine mods. But everything else was Toyota’s; we live and breathe Toyotas to this day. Being the one who was always behind the scene, I went through all the phases first hand.”

Among the different models that Toyota produced, the Corolla AE86 or commonly referred to as ‘Hachiroku’ in Japan continues to be one of the most popular and recognizable. It’s so versatile and tuner friendly, we’ve all witnessed its inherent capabilities for drift, rally, track, drag and a staple on the any car show/scene. In terms of both its age and its appeal, the ‘Hachiroku’ can be considered a classic in every sense of the word. Which probably explains why Jony Luz immediately jumped at the opportunity to purchase one, after all this would not be his first as he explains, “I had 2, the first one I had was in Los Angeles, it was a shop car for Toysport where R&D’s were done. This was where we installed and tested all the aftermarket parts for autocrossing and racing and we’d invite customers with AE86’s, to see and feel how the car reacts to different engine, suspension, brakes, engine, drive train and tire upgrades.” Serving the needs of Toyota enthusiasts in the States for over 20 years, Toysport sells aftermarket parts as well as building full on race/resto project cars. Going back to our featured AE86, Jony further narrates, “This was a US-Spec AE86 GTS, formerly owned by Moto Miwa (president and founder of Club 4AG) which was his 6th and last AE86 build that was supposedly for autocross and drifting events. But time came for him to it let go and landed on the hands of my brother Joji who offered it to me. Having known and seen how the car was built from the ground up, I instantly knew I had to have the car for its history and made the necessary arrangements to have it shipped to Manila.”

As soon as the car arrived, first thing that Jony did was go through the various aspects of the car like proper disassembly for painting, plus electrical and mechanical checks. In place of the original 16-valve 4AGE is a better breathing, 20-valve, “Silvertop” 4AGE engine. With loads of potential for it to make serious power levels its no surprise that it’s a poplar choice for engine swaps. When asked how to go about modifying such an engine Jony notes that, For starters, a good intake and exhaust would suffice, next would be a clutch upgrade, after that we would be starting to look at hard core mods, cylinder head, camshafts, injectors, pistons, con rods, crankshaft, not to mention the drive train parts.” Its currently running on stock internals, but it surely makes more power than stock with mods such as, an Individual Throttle Body from a “Blacktop” engine, Techno-Pro header and HKS exhaust, Uprated fuel injectors, Individual ignition coil setup plus a few more. Using an Adaptronic stand alone ECU, they were able to squeeze out 155 whp. Getting the job done on the track or simply initiating a drift is a custom 4-link rear suspension from Battleversion with TRD shocks and springs. Up front, Tockico shocks and TRD springs keep the front end pointed where it’s supposed to go.

Aside from the very well thought out engine and driveline mods, the exterior is also one of its killer traits that make it such a proper AE86 build. With a LEVIN conversion using highly rare Toyota parts, the AE86 underwent a transformation. But overall it would have to be the TRD replica flares and rear spoiler from Toysport that really make it look like a properly built AE86. Of course, the wide barreled SSR Formula Mesh wheels also does wonders to its looks. With all the exterior mods installed and aligned, the body received a re spray which was also done in house at Jony’s Total Tuning shop. The interior is a typical no-frills, pure function with TRD buckets and a MOMO steering. Overall, this one of the cleanest ‘Hachiroku’s’ I’ve featured with the most provenance and the most well thought of in terms of set up. Nothing fancy or super full race here, just enough (for now-that is) that Jony can have a blast and light up the tires anytime he feels like it.


Toyota Corolla AE86

Mr. Jony Luz

Total Tuning Team

Engine Type 4AGE, 1.6-liter, Inline-4 cylinder, 20-valve, DOHC,

Engine Mods Techno Pro 4-1 header, HKS custom under-diff muffler, Velocity Stacks, 20V conversion with rear mounted water jacket at rear, Blacktop ITB’s, Toyota Digital Ignition conversion, Uprated Fuel Injectors, Hotwires Spark wires, 4AGZE Ignition Coil Packs, Earl’s Oil Cooler, Oil braided fittings and remote mount filter,

Engine Management Adaptronic Standalone Programmable ECU

Transmission 5-Speed Automatic Rebuilt transmission (stock gear set), Lightened Flywheel, TRD Short Gate Shifter, Project Mu floating plate clutch and disk,

Differential 4.3 final drive, KAAZ 1.5 Way LSD,

Horsepower 155 whp

Suspension Mods Battleversion custom 4 link rear with bushing at top and bearing at bottom, Battleversion Lateral rod with bearings, Tokico HTS front short shocks, short struts, coil over and 8kg/mm springs TRD Rear shocks 8 way and TRD 6kg/mm coil springs,

Brake Mods Endless slotted brake rotor (N1 race specification), Endless CCX Brake Pads New Brake Caliper and Piston, Earl’s brake lines,

Rollers SSR Formula Mesh wheels (15×7) Falken ZIEX ZE912 Tires (195/50R15)

Interior TRD Sports bucket seats, MOMO Steering Wheel, HKS oil Temp gauge, Deeper pile carpeting,

Exterior Levin conversion with NOS Toyota parts (not obtainable now) Japanese rear bumper, Japanese Tail Lamps, TRD windshield banner, Toysport body TRD replica

Body & Paint Total Tuning

Other Stuff Full body panel and seam weld reinforcement, Cusco front and rear strut brace with optional floor extension,

Jony Thanks My Friends, Moto Miwa (Club 4AG), Joel Luz (Toysport), Joji Luz (Garage Toyota) HKS, Greddy, Tokico, KAAZ, Total Tuning Team (Phils), Lito Salva, Ex Manila, Bert Gonzales,

TOTAL TUNING TEAM Complete maintenance shop, but we cater to some special request from people, who wants to go the extra mile for their need of speed

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