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Tuner: Purist

Ralliart Overload

Obviously, the Lancer Evolution IX is finely crafted to go fast, so any refinements require careful planning so as not to disrupt its purpose. But if you’ve got the necessary tuning skills and the right parts for it, it can be highly improved. Just ask Wahlen “Doc” Pangilinan of Cabspeed who worked his magic on his brother’s Lancer Evo with a host of rare and hard to find parts from Ralliart. “There are a lot of aftermarket parts for the Evo but none of them knows the Evo better than Ralliart. Responsible for development and preparation of the company’s rally racing and off-road racing vehicles, its parts are the most sought after for hard core Evo collectors.” Explains Wahlen.

With a locally sourced Lancer Evolution IX, the build began with an accumulation of nothing but Ralliart parts that entailed a world-wide search as Wahlen quips, “All the parts have a story to tell, and its completion took an international effort to source all the parts to complete the car. Since most of the parts are discontinued, it was quite a challenge to look for them.” Peeking under the aluminum hood, there’s the familiar 4G63T that responds extremely well to modifications, given that you modify them in the right places with proper parts. Among the Ralliart parts under the hood the intercooler charge pipes and couplers proved to be the most interesting, “A friend saw an Evo for sale in Japan with those pipes neatly installed and preserved. But the seller didn’t want to sell the part particularly, so the owner ended up buying the whole car just to get that part. The charge pipes were then hand carried home to ensure it doesn’t get damaged if it were to be shipped.” Most of engine parts were then sourced from Ralliart Singapore.

Digital LCD dash displays maybe the norm, but in this case, having a Ralliart analog dashboard gauge cluster is a must. Most particularly this S3 version which Wahlen notes is the most sought after and was sourced through a friend in Australia. The Ralliart 1-DIN triple gauge cluster hailed from Malaysia. One thing that immediately got my attention on the interior were the Ralliart2q carbon Kevlar seats that Wahlen quips, “This was an exercise in patience and diligence. Since no one was selling a pair at that time, my brother got one seat and patiently waited for another one to appear in the market.”

Further Ralliart enhancements can be found in the suspension department, where a rare set of Ralliart coil overs made by Bilstein reside at all four corners with Ralliart sway bars that replace the Evo units. The standard Evo-specific Brembo brakes were also upgraded with a race-spec Alcon brake kit with matching Alcon stainless braided brake lines, competition pads and Motul brake fluid. From the looks of it, I’m willing to bet that these upgraded units are far more effective in halting this Evo up from speed than they ever were. This build also has two sets of Ralliart wheels just because. The familiar 5-spoke, Ralliart R01 wheels were bought in Hong Kong while the multi-spoke, second version Ralliart wheels came from Thailand. GT Radial SX2 tires were chosen for both street and track duties as these provide excellent grip with great tire mileage.

After months of frustration in looking for a Ralliart dry carbon fiber spark plug cover, one finally showed up and they wasted no time in getting it. Wahlen also considers it to be the last piece of the puzzle after enduring months of frustration in looking for and ordering numerous parts. In a sea of tuner cars, this Evo represents a proper build that’s not overly built or modded. Faithfully built with Ralliart parts, the sum of all those upgrades has resulted in a better looking and performing Evo that’s more than capable of holding its own on the track as Wahlen sums up his build, “I consider this build very special since the parts came from all over the world just to complete the Ralliart theme. Even the car itself is special because we got a pristine unit that’s now considered rare. All the Ralliart parts were worth it despite the cost for they work in tandem to enhance the already impressive performance of this Evo IX.”


Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX RS

Charles Renier Pangilinan



  • 4G63 MIVEC Turbo 2 liter AWD Active center differential, RS Rear Mechanical Differential

Engine Mods

  • Ralliart full Exhaust, Ralliart High Tension wires, Ralliart Exhaust manifold Cover Ralliart Intercooler Charge pipes, Ralliart Intercooler, Ralliart cooling plate Ralliart battery holder, Ralliart Dry Carbon Plug cover, Ralliart Oil cap Ralliart radiator hoses, ID 1000cc Fuel Injectors, Blitz Recirculating Blow Off Valve,

Engine Management

  • Motec M800 engine management


  • 320 WHP

Suspension Mods

  • Ralliart Bilstein Adjustable Coilovers, Ralliart Front and rear Strutbar Cusco front member brace and chassis underbrace


  • Alcon 365mm/ 332mm brake kit, Alcon Stainless braided brake lines Alcon Racing pads. Motul RBF660 brake fluid


  • Ralliart R01 Wheels (18×8.5 30 offset), Ralliart RA04 Wheels (18×8.5 35 offset) GT Radial SX2 Tires (245/40R18)

Body Mods

  • Evo 9 front and rear Euro RS headlight and taillight Ralliart Hood Fins, Ralliart Carbon lip genuine Ralliart short antennae, Ralliart power side mirrors Carbon fiber Vortex generator

Interior Mods

  • Ralliart reclineable seats by Bride, Ralliart S3 instrument cluster with carbon panel Ralliart Carbon shift knob, Ralliart titanium pedals, Ralliart DIN gauge Ralliart Shifter console, MR carbon fiber dash trim, RS OEM floormats Pioneer headunit, Peerless speakers

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