November 03, 2020 By Francis Pallarco

Tuner: Supercharged Appeal

Importhookup shows us how a modern musclecar should be modded.

Can you imagine the whole musclecar hobby existing without the Ford Mustang? I sure can’t. With generations behind it starting with the first model in 1965, Ford has managed to keep its pony car legacy going strong with the current sixth-gen Mustang. Packed with more horsepower, better handling and looks, the Mustang continues to have a strong following. Not to mention a whole lot of aftermarket parts for those who can’t keep it stock. Undoubtedly, it’s a highly evolved modern musclecar, but what’s great about it is the fact that it still retains quite a number of distinct exterior and interior design traits. Familiar design elements that can only be found on a Mustang that only serves to keep its musclecar heritage alive.

Since Ron Bascon was up for a modern musclecar from the get go as he explains, “I’m always up for new technology, so I guess I’m more into modern muscle cars because of advancement, aero design features and power. I always wanted to have a V8 musclecar ever since, and the Mustang is so amazing to have in my garage. It is so masculine and on point when you see it coming.” Like most enthusiasts, the next major concern after having acquired the car is how to modify it. “I got this beast early last year and after four months it started with a set of DPE wheels from ‘Importhookup’ where I met Keith Bryan Haw. And it went on and on and on, I remember asking Keith how to make it stand out among other Mustangs and sports cars. His only answer was slap a Supercharger in it, and its game over for the others. So, I followed Keith’s advice since then. That man is a guru.”

To make the factory rated 400plus hp, V8 engine even more interesting; Keith decided to add a bolt-on supercharger (Twin screw-type) kit to instantly increase the power levels. After choosing among several U.S. aftermarket companies that specialize in manufacturing superchargers, they went with a Whipple Supercharger (Stage-2) kit. Guaranteed to make loads of power, the bolt-on kit basically includes everything needed to complete the swap accomplished by Titan Motorworks. The supercharger kit also comes with its own software and an OBDII flash tool to allow fine tuning. It could work just fine, but Keith opted to have the ECU map tuned further by IAP Racing in the States. This shows the level of commitment towards the build where mediocrity just won’t do. Other requisite mods include aftermarket headers and a complete exhaust system. Not just any exhaust as this one relies on a Varex system with a valve control so Ron can turn the exhaust note up/down when needed. All of these mods equate to a tire frying 600 horsepower coupled with an insane exhaust soundtrack that’s sure to annoy his neighbors.

From the outside, it’s hard not to notice the bulging cowl hood that not only acts as an air scoop but also relieves the engine bay of excess heat and lower under hood temperatures. The addition of the red supercharged script on the side of the scoop looks great and lends that classic seventies musclecar vibe. That and the body kit including the front grille and various carbon fiber bits are from Cervini’s. This was all Ron’s idea for the exterior to have its own modded character to match what’s under the hood. Stepping inside the vast cabin, the custom alcantara wrapped steering wheel immediately grabs your attention along with the Recaro CS Sport seats that oozes functionality and style. Loads of alcantara fabric can also be found on all interior panels, contrasting nicely against the black leather.

I’m very particular about how the wheel and tire sits against the wheel arches, and I must say, this Mustang sits perfectly. Just look at how closely the tops of the tires come in contact with the wheel arches. Pulling off this look can only be done with the proper wheel offset and maximum widths allowable. In this case, Keith got the wheel sizes spot on from DPE Wheels. The staggered (big n’ little) wheel/tire set up is also correct and greatly adds that muscelcar character. Enabling it to sit just where it needs to be is a set of BC coilovers that can also be tweaked in terms of damping capability. The stock brakes have been tossed for a Brembo big brake kit to match the new found levels of power from the supercharged engine.

Overall, Keith and Ron have successfully achieved a modded modern musclecar from almost every aspect which is how it should be done as Ron contemplates on the build, “Knowing that a supercharged V8 is under my grasp and that it will stand out even when parked beside other Mustangs is fulfilling enough. I’m okay with it and I’m 100% satisfied on the turn out and result. The only hard part about the entire build was the waiting game as to when will it be finished. But once it was done, damn it really put a smile on my face. I work as an engineer and an entrepreneur engaged in the construction business, so it’s kinda’ cool driving up to a meeting in a wild looking Mustang.” Wild and loud that is.


2017 Ford Mustang GT

Ron Bascon


5.0-liter DOHC 32-valve V8 Ti-VCT


6-speed automatic

Engine Mods

Whipple Supercharger kit 2.3L by Importkookup Whipple Big Intake by Importhookup, Whipple Big Intercooler by Importhookup Whipple Double Cooling Fans by Importhookup Kooks Headers, Downpipe and Decats by Importhookup Varex Full Exhaust with Valve Control by Streamline, Borla End Exhaust Tip by Streamline Custom tune IAP Racing by Importhookup


600 whp

Suspension Mods

BC Racing Coilover by Importhookup

Brake Mods

Brembo Big Brake Kit (front & rear)


DPE Custom Flow Forged Light Wheels (F-20x , R-20×12) Toyo Proxes Tires (F255/35 and R315/35) by Importhookup

Interior Mods

Recaro CS Sport Seats by Importhookup Custom Alcantara Dash by Leatherplus Custom Alcantara Sports Steering Wheel by Leatherplus Custom Alcantara Door Sidings by Leatherplus Custom Alcantara Rear Sidings by Leatherplus Custom Alcantara Lower and Middle Console by Leatherplus Custom Alcantara Shiftboot and Handbrake Boot by Leatherplus Custom Carbon Fiber Trim Accent by Leatherplus

Exterior Mods

Cervini Full Carbon Fiber Bodykit (Chin, Side and Rear) by Streamline Cervini Carbon Fiber Quarter Panel Louvers by Streamline Cervini Supercharger Cowl Hood by Streamline Cervini C-Series Upper and Lower Front Grille by Streamline Carbon Fiber GT350R Wing by Streamline Blacked-Out Chrome Emblems by Streamline Custom Red Vinyl Wrap Tail Light Conversion by Streamline Supercharger Decal by Streamline, Ceramic Coated by Nasiol PH

Kudos To

Importhookup – Keith Haw for helping me from start to finish Titan Works + IAP Racing – for the SC Install Streamline Auto Plus – for the bodykits Leather Plus – for Alcantara Custom Interiors Nasiol Ph – for cera-coating

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