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Tuner: Veilside

Fortune does favor the brave

Just several years back, the wide over fender styling thing took over the body kit scene in Japan. As such, it quickly became normal to see it on just about any car on the planet these days. But during the nineties there were a lot of Japanese body kit manufacturers that churned out unique designs that transformed the entire look and shape of the car. Keep in mind that the aforementioned era was also the era of Japanese-made, high powered, turbocharged cars. Think back to times when R33 Nissan Skylines, Toyota Supra, the Mazda RX-7 roamed the streets of Japan. Something the Japanese tuner industry took full advantage of as tuning houses opened up shop and strived to further elevate the looks and performance of the most popular cars back then.

When it comes to body kits, VeilSide reigned supreme during that time period. Located near the revered Tsukuba Racetrack in Tokyo, company president Hironao Yokomaku designed and sculpted his aero kits. What’s more, he actually used them on his own tuned demo cars to compete in various Video Option events and eventually winning the Tuned Car category at the 1991 Tokyo Auto Salon. From there VeilSide continued to win more trophies and unveiled their Combat and Fortune line of body kits that quickly appealed to enthusiasts. This also initiated a trend giving rise for other companies to come up with their own aero-styling. But it was the show-winning VeilSide Mazda RX-7 with the Fortune body kit shown during the 2005 Tokyo Auto Salon that elevated VeilSide to have its own cult following and gain worldwide notoriety.

Despite being associated with a certain movie franchise, it wasn’t the impetus for this VeilSide Fortune RX-7 build but a mere poster on a wall as the owner quips, “When I saw it, I asked a friend what it was, and he said that’s a VeilSide Fortune kit on an RX-7. Right there and then I said I wanted one.” Something easier said than done as sourcing the multi-piece kit is difficult enough. Secondly, the kit entails irreversible body mods such as widening the wheel openings and making way for the fixed headlamp housings and more. Necessary body mods to properly install the aftermarket panels so purists take note. Another thing that makes this kit daunting is that it consists of almost every panel of the car. In fact, the only untouched panel of the RX-7 would be the roof.

It can also be considered as the precursor to wide body kits, measuring in at a staggering 80 inches compared to its stock width of 68.9 inches. Wide it may be, but the whole kit really transforms how the RX-7 looks. The kit has many beautiful features, but the recessed cove in the middle adds a lot of character like a classic Corvette. The wide over-fenders not only flow very well, but can also accommodate some pretty massive wheels. Up front are 19×9 inch, while the rears are 19×12 wide SSR EX05 wheels that come with polished lip barrels and black finished spokes with Yokohama Advan Sport tires. TEIN Mono Flex coil overs take care of the RX-7’s handling while braking duties are handles by a massive Rotora big brake upgrade which includes 4-piston calipers and huge rotors.

Just like the original, this one also packs a punch in terms of power output. A fully built and street ported 13B-REW engine by Lito Salva produces close to 500 whp mainly due to a Garrett TO4Z ball-bearing turbo that’s rated up to 750hp. To keep up with the rapid spool traits of the turbo is a radical V-mount setup for the intercooler. This keeps all the pipe work as short and as straight as possible to cut down any turbo lag. The fuel system has also been revamped with a set of primary and secondary injectors to deliver sufficient fuel supply. To ensure all that boosted power reaches the pavement, an Ogura twin plate clutch and a KAAZ limited slip differential keeps the rear tires busy at all times.

The VeilSide exterior styling was also carried over into the interior with VeilSide carbon fiber bucket seats, steering wheel, shift knob and pedals where the owner says that he was fortunate to have acquired those parts before since VeilSide has ceased to sell such parts. There’s also a rare 300 kph Mazda speed speedometer gauge as well as a fresh dashboard. Looking at it, it’s hard to imagine that this was built a couple of years ago because it still looks fresh as if it just came from a car show. What’s really impressive about this build is the fact that the owner has painstakingly hunted down all these rare and costly parts including the elusive VeilSide body kit and managed to come up with a Fortune 7 that I’m sure even Yokomaku-san would approve.


Mazda RX-7


13B-REW Rotary Engine

Engine Mods

Fully built rotary internals, 2mm apex seals, Street ported,Primary fuel injectors (550cc), Secondary fuel injectors (2000cc),Custom fuel rails, Custom Exhaust Manifold, HKS blow off valve,Garrett T04Z Ball bearing turbo T4 twin scroll, Dual TIAL MVR Wastegate,V-Mount Front Intercooler, Walbro 485 Fuel Pump,Weapon-R Engine Stabilizers,

Engine Management

Adaptronic Stand-Alone ECU,


490 whp on E85 fuel

Other Stuff

Aquamist water methanol injection, HKS Twin Fire Ignition,Ogura Twin Plate Clutch, KAAZ (2-way) Limited Slip Differential,


TEIN Monoflex Coilovers,

Brake Mods

Rotora (13-in) two-piece rotors w/ 4-piston calipers


SSR EX05 Wheels F-19×9, R-19x12Yokohama Advan Sport Tires (F-255/30ZR19, R-315/25ZR19)

Exterior Mods

VeilSide Fortune Wide Body Kit,Front Bumper, Side Skirts, Rear Bumper, Rear SpoilerFront and Rear Fenders, Door Panels, FRP Hood,Rear Gate, Front and Rear Garnishes, Aero MirrorsHeadlight Kit, Emblems

Interior Mods

VeilSide Carbon Fiber Bucket Seats, VeilSide Pedals, VeilSide Shift Knob,VeilSide Steering Wheel,

Body & Paint

Ronald Gavino

Kudos To

Lito Salva, Ryan Lee

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