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How to build a righteous DC2

With a limited production run that only lasted between ’95-’01, the third-generation platform (DC2), Integra Type-R (ITR) can be considered a rare breed. Despite being roughly 20 plus years old, (depending on the model) such examples have become highly sought after among Honda enthusiasts. With a factory rated 200 PS engine mated to a close gear ratio, 5-speed manual transmission with LSD, it was crafted with nothing but performance in mind. Unfortunately, only a few examples can be seen running around the streets and changing owners now and then. But once in a while, a fresh n’ clean build turns up that never fails to attract attention and break necks.

Despite having done countless Honda builds for street and track use, it doesn’t stop Marlon Marcelo’s affinity for H-Badged cars. Most especially his quest for an Integra Type-R to add to his growing list of builds. Lucky for him as he happens to own a popular tire shop, allowing him to gain a lot of friends and contacts. As a result, he got a lead on a DC2 Integra, and the best part was that it was his, if the price was right. Like any sane person he wasted no time in getting the car and envision a plan.

Initial plans entailed doing a factory fresh OEM look and feel. But everything went flying out the window when he got hold of a genuine Mugen Gen-1 rear wing made specifically for the Integra. Having been involved in engine tuning and providing aftermarket parts for Honda’s since 1973, Mugen parts are quality made in Japan and sought after by any Honda enthusiast. Isn’t it funny how something ordinary can change the course of a build? This is because that Mugen wing would serve as the turning point towards the plan as it shifted towards building a Mugen-themed Integra. Despite facing the fact that most of the parts would be hard if not impossible to find. After a lengthy search, they were able to acquire a Mugen bumper and complete set of side skirts. Inside, the Mugen theme is also prevalent starting with the Mugen FG360 steering wheel, steering Hub and get this, a Mugen Sports Meter gauge cluster that’s very expensive. A Mugen shift knob and shift boot plus a set of Mugen pedals complete the driver’s essentials for the driver. The equisite Bride Vorga bucket sets with Takata safety harnesses keep the driver firmly seated.

While the costly process of tracking down and sourcing parts was taking place, Marlon took the Integra over to H3 Autoworks of the late Bong Hilario. With plans for rebuilding the engine, they figured it should make more power than what it came with. Utilizing only the best aftermarket parts that they have proven to make power. Stuff like Skunk2 camshafts to accommodate more air/fuel, Crower valve springs to eliminate spring binding under high rpm’s, and an H3 Autoworks ported and polished cylinder head. Porting is a delicate modification that can help yield high power output numbers at peak flow situations. However, it may also decrease power output at the lower operating levels so care must be done so as not to damage an already good flowing head such as the B-series heads. In keeping with the theme, the wire tucked engine in its shaved engine bay was treated to everything that Mugen had to offer. First up is the very sought after Mugen air intake box, Mugen header and Twin Loop Muffler, Mugen valve cover, oil cap, and fireproof reservoir covers. With the engine all done, Pepi Santos of Pepi Tuning tweaked the ECU running a Crome program to the tune of 210 whp. Way higher than what the factory had to offer way back when it was new.

Footwork duties are handled by Dynamics Performance fully adjustable coil overs with Dynamics adjustable camber kits to properly dial-in the suspension. Function7 lower control arms and an ASR sub frame brace works to keep the rear suspension tight and rigid. Still staying true with the Mugen theme, a set of Mugen MF-10’s in bronze would only suffice as the Spoon brake calipers peer out from the wheel spokes. Like most car enthusiasts, Marlon still considers this as incomplete as future plans call for searching for everything that Mugen made for the DC2 and will always be hunting for new parts. Just like the local tuning scene that keeps coming up with new builds, this is one fresh n’ clean DC2. It is well built and loaded with all the proper stuff that exemplifies the kind and quality of build that will be emulated time and again and will never get old. Trust me.


1998 Honda Integra Type-R (DC2R) Marlon “Boyok” Marcelo

Engine: B18C5

Engine Type: 1.8-liter, inline-4, DOHC, 16v with VTEC

Engine Mods: Skunk2 Intake Manifold, Skunk2 Stage 2 Camshafts & Cam Gears, Crower valve springs and retainers, AEM Fuel Rail, H3 autoworks ported & polished cylinder head,

Other Stuff: Mugen Valve Cover & Oil Cap, Mugen 4-1 Headers, Mugen Air Intake, Mugen Twin Loop Muffler, Mugen Reservoir Cover, Nology Plug Wires, Mishimoto Radiator, Dynamics Silicone Radiator Hoses,

Engine Management: Crome ECU tuned by Pepi Santos of Pepi Tuning

Transmission: 5-Speed Manual (4.4) with Limited Slip Differential

Horsepower: 210 whp

Suspension: Dynamics Coilovers with Dynamics Camber Kit,

Brake Mods: Spoon Twin Block Calipers, Mugen Stainless Braided Brake Lines,

Rollers: Mugen MF10 Wheels (17×8), Kyo-Ei Lug Nuts, GT Radial SX1 (215/45/17)

Interior Mods: Bride Vorga Seats, Takata Safety Harnesses, Mugen Gauge Panel, Mugen FG360 Steering Wheel, Mugen steering hub, Mugen Pedals, Mugen shift knob and shift boot

Exterior Mods: Mugen front bumper, Mugen sideskirt, Mugen Gen-1 wing, Stage21 (frp) vented hood,

ICE: Pioneer 4450BT (2DIN), Cadence Speakers,

Marlon Thanks: D’ Lucky M Tire Center, JSM Tire Center, AutoGenix, Dynamics Performance, Precision24, JC Electrical, J1 Autoshoppe, Remixx Clothing, Stage21, Pepi Tuning, Wildboys, The late Bong Hilario of H3 Autoworks,

D’ Lucky M Tire Center

532 JP Rizal St. Marikina City (+632) 942 03


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