November 01, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

Value, reliability, resale and thinking about your new car

What should you be thinking about when thinking about a new car. While we are used to people who live, breathe and dream all things automotive, one thing we have learned lately is that the C! Magazine is looked upon for intelligent discussion and insight for those that feel there is nowhere else to turn.Let’s look at some of the go-to brands, those that are almost default choices, then you think about picking up a new car, whether brand-new or new to you. In our market, we were once asked why no one appreciated the reliability, value, and ease of ownership of the brand Volkswagen (this was asked by someone actually from Volkswagen Germany.) We answered that everyone does, it is just called Toyota.

Toyota Corolla cross value reliability

Toyota is globally known for providing whatever solution is best for whoever may be looking, but always in an attempt to leave the buyer feeling they got good solid value whether on purchase or service or eventual sale. This applies in each particular country as well in most cases, with Toyota Philippines having become exactly that default choice for many new or used buyers. But even at the dealer level around the world, individual dealerships work hard at being the right answer for their community, providing an easy and useful link between those just thinking and the actual vehicle they can walk up to today. An answer for everyone, the Toyota way.

Mitsubishi Mirage G4 new car launch

New models like the fan favorite Mitsubishi Mirage G4 are being launched to a hungry market

Mitsubishi in the Philippines has a very appreciated history of sticking around even when other car companies big and small left during hard times. They did this by providing vehicles they could source and provide at the proper value to the consumers, who were happy to have access to anything at the time. Nowadays they provide vehicles from their new Mirage G4 for intelligent budget buyers looking for more to their pickups and SUVs that also provide a little bit extra to consumers.

honda brio new car special deal

Honda has great large cars, but we have a soft spot for their small ones too.

Honda Philippines came into the country somewhat later than the others and as a more premium offering. They manage to make all their vehicles a nice holistic package with a level of trim somewhat above the rest. While we love big vehicles like their Odyssey vans and their stellar Civic RS as a daily drive that offers a great glow-up, we really appreciate that their small City sedans and hatchbacks remind us of how much we loved the small, tight, and balanced Hondas of the past. And take a Civic Type R around for a while and you will be reminded how good front-wheel drive handling can be when they really get it right.

There are more brands available to the public than ever now, of course. We have new challengers from around Asia and even Europe. But they always seem to be compared to the brands of traditional heart, mind, and value. At least for now. That is changing as the youngest buyers may well have no love or memory of how much a car can make you love it, or how it will carve itself a place in your memory. Just as cars from Hyundai and Kia became the sought-after first-cars for a generation, the next cars to take those places may well be from China.

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