June 01, 2021 By Francis G. Pallarco

Weather Proof: Getting our vehicles ready for the rainy season

Summer’s finally over and the rainy season is gradually starting to make its presence felt. In order to protect our vehicles and make them ready before a heavy downpour, here is a list of basic things to check. While it doesn’t require making any major modifications to your car, simply following these simple car care tips and basic precautions will make driving easier and safer this coming rainy season.

Clean Wiper Blades

We only recognize the importance of these strips of rubber when the rainy season begins. Clean or have them cleaned with car shampoo whenever you have your car washed. You’d be surprised to find how much dirt it can accumulate. It’s also a good idea to apply some rubber protectant or silicone spray on the blade after washing to prevent the rubber from being brittle and hard. But once you notice cracks or tears along the blade itself then it’s time to have them replaced. Don’t forget to top up your windshield washer reservoir.

tire pressure

Tire Check

One of the most critical features of a tire is the tread. The grooves and channels on the tread provide grip on the road by channeling water and debris away from the contact patch. As the tire wears out, so does the tire tread which could cause it to easily lose grip on wet surfaces. Regularly have your tires rotated. As a safety tip, all modern tires have a safety hump located in between the tread. If it is flush with the tread, it’s time to have them replaced.

bulb lights

Light Bulbs

Staying visible to other drivers during a heavy rainfall is essential, so make sure that all the light bulbs and not just the headlight bulbs, but the other bulbs like the park light bulb, plate light, signal light, brake light and so on as are in proper working condition. Check and replace them immediately most especially if there are black spots on the glass. Safety tip, don’t turn on your hazard lights when driving under a heavy downpour, simply turn on your park lights to make your cars visible to other motorists.

Car Washing

Washing Required

Some might think it’s foolish to have a car wash during the rainy season. But regular trips to the local car wash will do wonders in protecting your car’s exterior paint from contaminants that can damage the paint. To further protect your car’s paint, have your car regularly waxed to remove light scratches and harmful contaminants such as sticky bits of asphalt that sticks on the rocker panels. Doing so also provides a protective layer as well.

Battery check

Battery Check

Did you know that heavy rainfall and increased humidity can put an extra strain on your battery? As such, it is vital to have it regularly checked for proper charging, loose terminals and corrosion around the terminals. Frequent use of headlights, A/C and the windshield wipers also use up much of the battery. If you notice your car struggling to start (or won’t start at all) this time of year, it could be a dead battery.

brakes check

Brake Check

Finally, have your brakes checked for proper operation and worn brake pads replaced immediately. This should include a thorough cleaning of the entire brake components by using brake cleaner to remove all traces of accumulated brake dust and grime.

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