September 12, 2020 By Gerard Jude Castillo

What lies ahead for Maserati in the near future?

A new era dawns at Maserati’s

Earlier this week, Maserati unveiled the all-new MC20, the new breed of the Trident that likewise ushers in the new era for the Modena brand. And we’ve been hearing Maserati talk about this new era for quite some time now. But what exactly is in store for the Trident in the new era?

It begins with a newly renovated headquarters, which is still located at its Viale Ciro Menotti home. Here, Maserati will not only build its new products but conduct various types of research to ensure that all these are in tune with the future yet are still deeply rooted in the past.

Chief among the changes at the Maserati headquarters is the new building housing the Engine Lab. This is where new powerplants will be built, the first being the new Nettuno mill used in the MC20.

Apart from this, the logo is likewise new. It is now more contemporary, more modern. Yet it still has traces of how the brand image was in years’ past.

Speaking of the MC20, the Maserati Corse 20 is only the beginning. As previously mentioned, it heralds a new dawn for the Trident. In terms of products, the offensive actually began with the V8-powered Trofeo and hybrid versions of the Ghibli—paying homage to the brand’s rich heritage and look to the future, respectively.

Next year will see Maserati focus its attention on crossovers with the Levante hybrid and the all-new Grecale, which is a smaller yet still capable crossover. These wlil be followed by updated versions of the Grecale and MC20 in 2022, along with a new GranTurismo and GranCabrio . The year 2023 will see a new Quattroporte and Levante roll out of the Modena headquarters.

While these are already exciting pieces of news, it’s Maserati’s Folgore program that really takes centerstage. Those who know Italian are aware that this means lightning, signifying an electrified era for Maserati. This new system will consist of three electric motors—one for the front axle and two for the rear, with one electric motor on each wheel to provide torque vectoring capabilities. All this will be powered by an 800V system that translates to longer range, high output, and faster changing times using high voltage chargers.

Maserati will also be embarking on its new Fuoriserie program that, in a nutshell, allows customers to fully tailor their Maserati to their exacting standards. It takes its cue from other luxury brads’ personalization programs and adds its own touch. Pretty soon, no two Maseratis will be alike.

There is also the Maserati Classiche that will help existing owners bring back the glory of their prized steeds.

Yes, it promises to be an exciting time at Maserati. A new era has definitely begun for the Trident.

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