March 25, 2020 By Gerard Jude Castillo

When being quarantined can be likened to cruising on the highway

The world has slowed down. Some would even say that the world has stopped. Due to the continuous spread and efforts to try and contain the devastating coronavirus (COVID-19), cities and countries around the world have been placed on lockdown for a few weeks.

What this essentially means is that people are advised to stay in their homes and limit their travels to “essential” trips such as buying food and groceries, or going for medical treatment. People who experience the flu-like symptoms of the disease or who have been in direct contact with patients who have the virus are advised to undergo a 14-day self-quarantine period just to be safe.

Yet even as we try and carry on with our lives through remote work setups and doing what we can to get by, it cannot be denied that the world has indeed slowed down or even been put on “pause.” Traffic, which has been a normal occurrence in major cities across the globe is suddenly non-existent. Large gatherings such as concerts, motor and trade shows, and sporting events have been postponed or canceled. People who used to lead fast-paced lives have suddenly slowed their tempo. It’s like time itself has suddenly come to a crawl.

If one were to compare this to driving, it would be like cruising down a long stretch of open road. As car nuts, it’s no secret that many of us are addicted to speed. Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping more than going full tilt with all cylinders firing. Yet there are times when speed limits must be observed in the name of safety and the need to simply take it easy comes into play.

During these moments, it isn’t such a bad idea to just drive at a steady and leisurely pace. The same goes for staying at home due to the quarantine. While many may feel bored and utterly useless, it may be an opportune time to relax and smell the roses (or coffee that’s brewing in your home). No, it isn’t an excuse to bum around yet it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take stock of where you are headed.

Admittedly, we’ve all been chasing our tails just to try and get to somewhere in our lives. But just like driving at full throttle, you tend to miss out on the scenery, the beautiful countryside, or in this case, what really matters in your life. Moreover, this whole slowdown has hopefully reduced our carbon footprint—just as we would tend to save on fuel and reduce exhaust emissions when we cruise at a steady clip.

So yes, taking the time to reset our lives during this quarantine can be good for the soul, just as taking a stress-free drive can be good for your vehicle and your automotive soul. Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

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