June 30, 2020 By Gerard Jude Castillo

Which Lexus SUV is for you?

The Sport Utility Vehicle has definitely evolved. From what was once a single type of vehicle—an off-road ready rig that could double as urban shuttle for the daily commute—has spawned into various shapes and sizes. There are subcompact car-based crossovers, compacts, midsize, and full size SUVs to suit every lifestyle and taste. And that’s just from certain manufacturers, mind you.

Take Lexus as an example. The Japanese luxury carmaker’s stable alone has five SUVs to choose from. Each one is aimed at a specific buyer who has certain needs and wants to consider.

The UX, for instance, is the “starter” crossover that welcomes buyers to the Lexus fold. It’s for those young professionals that are determined to go places and need a stylish and dynamic SUV to get there.

The NX is the next step in the ladder. It is for those folks that know what they want in an SUV and in life. Its bold lines project a statement and will definitely let the world know that you’re on your way up—in tune with your own beat.

Then there is the RX. Folks who know the brand are aware that this is not only the marque’s first SUV but it also has the distinction of being the very first luxury crossover in the industry. This explains why Lexus puts so much emphasis on this nameplate, giving it nothing but the best and offering to people who expect nothing less. It’s a well balanced package of luxury, performance, and environment-friendly motoring, says Lexus.

Of course, Lexus has not forgotten those that have a need or desire to go off road. For them, it serves up the GX. With its Terrain Select feature, as well as a Torsen limited slip differential, this luxurious rig can handle any type of trail or terrain thrown at it. It’s got power from a 4.6-liter V8 and 6-speed AT to back it up. Plus, its Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System will ensure a smooth ride on any surface.

Finally, we come to the LX. It’s the flagship, the epitome of luxury, not only for Lexus for for this class of SUV. It blends the rugged good looks of a luxury sport ute with the legendary genes of a true vehicle that is capable of going off the beaten path. What’s more, you’ll be cocooned in the lap of luxury en route to your favorite destination—roads (or lack thereof) notwithstanding.

So, which Lexus SUV is for you?

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