February 14, 2020 By Gerard Jude Castillo

Why should I check out the vehicle I’m planning to purchase?

“Which car should I get?” This is the question that many people ask me, especially those who know how much of a car nut I am. And while I have my own favorites, I often end up telling them to try out the choices to see which one “fits” them and their needs.

Regular readers of this site may recall the Honda Jazz feature, wherein we said that it could be the ideal one-size-fits-all kind of vehicle. Yet it too has its limitations and doesn’t exactly fit ALL kinds of people. For instance, it can’t go off-road. Eliminating one group of buyers who may wish to venture in the great outdoors.

So why exactly should a car buyer go out and test the vehicle they’re considering?

– To check out the different features and see if these are really what they’re looking for: While most cars today have similar features, there are that may not necessarily be useful to some folks. Despite the notion that these features are needed to make life more convenient, there are folks that just want a no frills ride to get them from Point A to Point B. Period.

– See if they are comfortable with the car: Whether they admit it or not, there are those buyers that never walk into a showroom and simply purchase the car because they like it. Moreover, they say they’ve “checked out” the car because they’ve seen it on the road or in a parking lot and it was a good recommendation. Long story short, they end up regretting their purchase because it had too many blind spots, for instance. The lesson here is that one should at least sit in the actual car and touch each control, see if visibility is good for their size, and the like.

– Get a feel for how it drives: Each car drives differently. So it is best to see if the cars that are on your shortlist really suit your driving style. Sure, most manufacturers only grant you a spin around the block. But at least you can gauge how you jive with the car.

Think of the dealer visit and test drive to be like trying out that shirt or pair of shoes. You’re simply trying to see if it is a good fit. And just like buying shoes, you need to know what your needs are. Are you a family man who needs space for the kids and their gear? Are you a weekend warrior who packs all his toys in a pickup bed? Or do you just want a commuter car for the daily grind?

Either way, go out and peruse your choices. This is how you’ll be able to answer “which car should I get?”

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