October 06, 2021 By Nicolas A. Calanoc

Your Engine Oil Is More Important Than You Think

It’s easy to look at engine oils as only a matter of chemistry. You would think making a good engine oil is composing a good formulation and that is the end of it. But after attending Motul Minutes #1 Roundtable Discussion, I think it is worth sharing what happens behind the scenes with Motul so that we can understand the importance of using a great engine oil and how they develop theirs.

In the round table discussion, we were lucky enough to get the collective experiences of racecar drivers Melvin Moh and David Zhu; together with Kentaro Chiba,the Manager of Toyota Gazoo Racing Team Thailand. They all agreed that having a great engine oil in the car spells the difference between finishing first in a race and having a blown-up engine. When I asked if they could feel the difference between good engine oil from a bad one, they simply said that the dyno doesn’t lie. You will see in tests that bad engine oil will have a drop on power and torque while making the engine less reliable in the long run.


Toyota Corolla Altis GR Sport in race rain

“If we didn’t use Motul products, we wouldn’t survive the race. It’s about being sustainable.” – Kentaro Chiba, team manager of Toyota Gazoo Racing Team Thailand

It was surprising to know that the reason why Motul is heavily involved in motorsport is for research and development. After every race, they keep the used engine oils and send them to their laboratories for analysis. It is with those samples that they are able to derive better formulations not only for racing, but for daily drivers like you and me.

We were lucky to be able to hear the behind-the-scenes of these racecar drivers and their racing teams on how important a great engine oil is to them. It is so important that what they use to qualify and what they use to race are 2 different engine oils with different viscosities. We also heard stories that in day long race like the 24 Hrs of Nurburgring, having Motul as their engine oil was vital to their success. That is why when selecting an engine oil on our next oil change, we should put more thought and research to what we put because it can makes a big difference in dependability, reliability, and longevity for the engines.


Toyota Corolla Altis GR Sport

With all these lessons of pushing racecars to their limits, Motul is able to provide the best formulation to the road cars that we enjoy today. Even with how the world is doing right now with less races happening, it hasn’t stopped Motul from doing what they do best. They still analyze what they can get their hands on and they are still doing on-road tests.

With how much effort Motul puts in developing their engine oils, it’s easy to see why having the right engine oil is way more important than we think.

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