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Gear Review: Bilmola Rapid-S Dragon Ball Z Limited Edition

In the wide sea of motorcycle full face helmets, they come in all forms, shapes and make. The common denominator is safety, what makes Bilmola Rapid-S so different and what particular aspects does it stand out or outshine other brands?


Bilmola is claimed to be Thailand’s number one motorcycle helmet manufacturer that is starting to penetrate the Asian market, USA and soon to be launched in Europe. Here, Bilmola Philippines is actively supporting and distributing Bilmola Helmets all over the country with honored warranties and inter-channel support.

Dragon Ball Z Edition

If you ever recall back in June of 2020. The internet shook with the unveiling of the Bilmola Gundam Limited Series. It generated hundreds and thousands of impressions and even got local motoring media talking, unfortunately, it never reached PH shores. Nothing beats a nostalgic expression.

In September 2021, the second wave of a new collab spread like wildfire, now with authentic design collaboration with Toei Animation, Bilmola Dragon Ball Z was really happening and Bilmola Helmet Philippines hotline was busier than ever.

Toei Animation and Design Application

As a graphic designer, I’ve always been very critical especially with design detail and application. I have never seen any collaboration as faithful as what Bilmola and Toei Animation has done. 

The pantones are precise and the layout of elements are well thought of, not by just simply putting character cues on the helmet but also thinking how it would flow through an aerodynamic helmet shell. The lines flow perfectly showing a forward motion and not necessarily showing character faces, but by using familiar texture and skin elements to wrap around the lid. For me, the design is perfectly executed, plus the fact they put different visor colors to match every Dragon Ball Z character.

Make and Quality

This brand’s focus is primarily on innovation by using SRT or Shock Resistant Thermoplastic. specially engineered to make the strongest possible outer shell. Vents are systematically placed to actually feel the passing air within. 

The visors aren’t just cheap plastic shields, but rather polycarbonate that’s clear and durable that you can easily tell by actual feeling.

This Rapid-S is one of the lightest full-face helmets I have ever used that is within the PHP10,000 range. Something that is a ‘pang-harabas’ or daily usage helmet, it feels and looks like above your average helmets in the market. 

Unlike other helmets in its class, some helmets have imperfections in the mold cut-outs, incomplete paint finishes and generally shortcuts which are the result of mass-production consequences. I was trying really hard to magnify any imperfections from its creation, but I can’t seem to find any. If this brand has a lot of things yet to prove, then they’re on the right track by prioritizing attention to detail.

It comes with a tinted-mirrored visor that compliments it’s design. Although it is dimmed, unlike any other visors, this is one that still has some good visibility at night, provided the streets are well lit. It’s generally not advisable to use tinted visors at night, but when it gets really dusty and gusty, it won’t make you totally go blind. On the other hand, it’s perfect for daytime use. Plus it looks cool. Clear visors are sold separately.

The addition of an Emergency Strap pull-off is a plus for the Rapid-S. Although it only has one shell that is suitable for the Asian market, it has 3 cushion sizes. and interior liner sizes from S – 2XL. Medium feels like a large so I recommend to do a -1 for a snug-well fit that I usually recommend.

Actual Usage

There are some instances that I have received a lot of notices and compliments whenever I wear the Bilmola DBZ. The Goku variant is striking orange with super saiyan elements that kid out any adult I encounter. It has a very nostalgic value for those growing up in the 90’s in the heat of Japanese Anime showing every afternoon. It’s a chance to communicate your inner anime alter-ego even while riding your motorcycle. It’s a really cool statement iconic to those who really know.

It is relatively stable at high speed, given that I prefer tight fitting helmets, although Rapid S for me is still not that tight. I may have to change into a small size interior liner for a more snug fit. I can also actually feel the air flow in the vents in the head and chin area. It feels lighter than any other of the same price range full face helmets, and certified by Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) and ECE 22.05 European standard. If there’s one thing I could only wish for is to have it in double-D ring retention strap as standard. The chin curtain comes in as standard and the inner pads include eyewear slot provision. 

I’m excited about what Bilmola has to offer in the future. Anime has a special place for used-to-be-kids like me growing up with the idea of getting strong, inspired by love, friends and family and saving the world from evil forces. Who knows what’s next. Naruto? One Piece? What do you think?

Bilmola Dragon Ball Z Goku – P6,990

(Vegeta, Frieza, Piccolo, Kamesennin, Shenron, Cell, Buu)

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