April 05, 2014 By C! Magazine Staff

Apr 2014: C! Issue 149


Our look into the continuously changing automotive world continues.

We have on our cover a car sure to make some noise, the new Mazda 3. Mazda has been making headway by going back, back to their strengths in design, in innovation and in pure driving fun. With this new release we will see how much further they push into the big boys’ playground. It is a welcome new addition.

Other vehicles include a veedub Passat TDi, in the hopes we can actually get them over here sooner, and a Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk that seems to be putting a whole lot of people on opposite sides of the fence. Is it a real Jeep? Is it really a Jeep? Or is it better?

Then we have the latest of the Zs that most of us grew up remembering, but with a Datsun name. The new 370Z from Nissan. And yes, we have discussed the importance of the Datsun name with the very friendly Nissan Motor Company Vice-Chairman Toshiyuki Shiga when he was here. We also asked him about another Datsun near and dear to us, the 510. He just smiled.

We put Meynard our bike guy on four wheels with the Haima 7, and we have Angel look into the worldwide stalwart that is the Toyota Altis. Further opinions can be seen in our latest list of 2014 C! Awards nominees.

We make sure Maynard doesn’t fall for the “two wheels good, four wheels better” (now who knows that reference?) trap by putting him on a Royal Enfield GT Continental, then I make him forever my enemy by having him go to California Superbike School.

On the tuner side we look at two of the most tricked-upon, the Corolla SR and the Honda Civic. We also look at what is coming new from Japan with Toyota and Isuzu, and from India with Tata Motors. Additionally, we take a look at what came before and why with well-known car afficionado Vincent Floirendo.

Look at the birthplaces of all the things in our market, look at new names and look at what old names have become. We are in a world now where you can’t ignore anything, not technology, not heritage, not market, not enthusiast, not anything. The result is a very target-rich environment for those of us that truly love this stuff. And those that are just about to.

Carl S. Cunanan

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