October 04, 2018 By Carl S. Cunanan

C! October Issue 203 Vol. 16

Once again, we announce the winners of this thing we’ve been doing for a while. We started the C! Awards around a decade and a half ago in an attempt to gain attention for those we felt deserved it. These awards, as indeed many such things are, are always thought-provoking, if not controversial. And that’s a good thing. We moved away from a time when we had very little to choose from, and now, we are pretty much swamped with options.

As always, we need to look at what goes fairly with, or against what. And that can be contentious as well. We once had a very utilitarian, large SUV up against a very expensive and luxurious one. That was questioned like crazy, but there was sense to it. And it opened up a lot of eyes as to what options truly were. Right now, for example, we are, as we speak (or as I write) discussing (arguing over) the word “hate” when used with the ladder-frame SUVs such as the new Nissan Terra on our cover. But then, that is why they have their own category. You can’t compare comfort levels to other vehicles built precisely for family comfort, but neither can you compare the off-road abilities of the “soft” roaders to serious pick-up platform four-wheelers. Well, you could, but then, you would have to discuss something like the Audi Q7, a nice Range Rover, or a Porsche Cayenne, which moves up price points considerably.

Further into the discussion, we asked the question “are there still bad cars?” In our market, a lot of the bad stuff seems to have been weeded out. We don’t have cars that rust within months, for example. For the most part, we don’t have to worry that something we just bought will leave us stranded somewhere, or that we will find parts that weren’t painted, or panels weren’t welded together. Which has actually happened in the past. To me.

So, here we are. Let the discussions begin

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