February 05, 2014 By C! Magazine Staff

Feb 2014: C! Issue 147


The year of intelligent horsepower

Another month of change ahead. Our cover (covers, technically) highlights either the new 2014 Honda Accord or the new 2014 Ford EcoSport, depending on what you are holding. Both vehicles very important but for very different reasons. The Accord shows us the value-priced luxury sedan is still alive and well, and fun! It is a great thing to get into a proper and powerful executive sedan and be reminded why we love what we love. The Ford EcoSport is a perfect example of where much of that market has moved to though, as the little sport-ute niche grows increasingly popular. The EcoSport also highlights the fact that the huge SUVs may be proving just too big for many. People like the height and the visibility but not all the bulk. Vehicles like these tighter and taller ones should prove very popular. With the increasing pushes by manufacturers to provide more comfort in small economic and eco-friendly packages, these two automotive segments are encroaching on each other’s space with increasing frequency. Who would have thought that years ago?

Speaking of all the trucks, we’ve gone heavy this month. We look at the Land Rover Club run to help alleviate the suffering and damage caused by the recent disasters. We also get rather dirty with the Maxxis Tough Truck competition. On the still big but softer side, we look over two of their comfier brethren, the 2014 Dodge Durango and the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit 4×4. And if stock isn’t enough, we look into the Speedlab Fortuner Power Package. A little lower to the ground, we spend some time with two tuner favorites, a Subaru STi and a Honda Civic EK.

If your needs for speed include sun and space, take a look at the 2014 Mercedes-Benz E550 Cabriolet and an Opel Insignia Tourer.

On the two wheeled and sideways stretch of the road, we have reviews of the 2014 Harley Davidson Street Glide for a dose of American iron, and 2014 Yamaha Mio 125 Mxi and a 2014 Suzuki Raider J Fi for those that want a little less heft in their lives.

On a slightly different tack, we hit the range with a Philippine icon. Armscor has made a name with shots heard around the world in the firearms and ammunition industry, providing levels of quality and dedication that makes many big names check their six. Always an interesting thing to see.

May the New Year of the Horse bring you–even though it will probably be more environmentally friendly as seen by our two covers–more horsepower, the intelligence to use it well and the passion to enjoy it tremendously.

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