August 22, 2019 By C! Magazine Staff Words and photos by Maki Aganon

5 Spaghetti Wiring Harness Solutions You Might Have Not Heard Of Yet

Old dirty spaghetti wiring problems can be a pain in the arse, especially for mechanics and people who are into building their own bikes. It can take a full day, and waste precious time rather doing other productive things. It also can be stressful for some harnesses that does not match wire colors anymore and you don’t also want to mix up the blinker with the horn.

We came across the Nuut Morty and found out that you can end all the wiring drama with just 4 bottles of cold beer. 5 if you have low alcohol tolerance. Kidding aside…

1. The Main and The Slave
You will just have to work with a two piece layout for a clean installation called the ‘main and the slave’ with easy hookups, and screw terminal connections.

2. Digital Operation
Reduce the trial and error. It has an on-board flasher for the signal light, and brake light flash control.

3. 6/12 Volt Compatible
No further explanations needed.

4. 2 Year Warranty
The number you dial is IN service. You can also request for on-spot tutorials if you’re already feeling woozy on the 3rd beer bottle.

5. Spilling Beer Is Offensive
The local dealer can install it for you. All you have to do is chit-chat and opening bottles for the both of you. But drinking and riding is totally not advised! provides a better and smarter way for motorcycle specific electrical problems. Designed and made in Canada, these products can improve your bike’s functionality.

For more info, here is and it’s local dealership number – 09179533958


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