September 06, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

Keeping Safe In The Saddle: More Motorcyclists More Places

We have been talking about what you need to do to prepare for driving because many people are getting on the road again, whether for the first time or after a long hiatus. And they are taking long trips.

Yamaha NMAX motorcycle scooter

Rides like the Yamaha NMAX are easy bikes that can be had with safety systems like ABS brakes, making them very alluring to new riders

All this also applies to motorcycles, which have their own special issues of course. We firmly believe that riding motorcycles can be a fun, efficient and viable way of transportation and indeed can make you a better driver because you need to be much more aware of your surroundings.

BMW 1250 GS adventure motorcycle

BMW’s adventure motorcycles almost define the market for many upscale new riders, and bring them to places they now see in a different way

Many new motorcycles have been sold over the last year, and many are skewed very differently from the previous years. Younger beginners are picking up scooters, older riders or returning riders are picking up touring and adventure bikes. Many of these have the same issues and concerns, though somewhat tailor-made for each particular type of riding or niche. Adventure riders will need gear that may breathe more and may be more flexible, sport riders are more concerned with sliding down the road and look for leather. Proper Motorcycle helmets are of course needed, but they will also differ depending on your needs and uses. You can even get self-inflating vests and jackets that act like car airbags.

Hit Air motorcycle airbag jacket

Airbags aren’t just for cars. This Hit Air jacket has a quickly-inflating system to help protect in case of an off-bike excursion.

The same concerns that apply to car drivers, though different, also apply to riders. Understand your own abilities and always watch out for your surroundings. On a motorcycle, that change of road color in from of you may mean a change of friction when you reach it. A beautiful bridge between some tall mountains can mean serious wind all of a sudden. Gorgeous curves ahead may beckon, but they may also draw someone doing the same thing in the opposite direction that you can’t see yet.

motorcycle accident snow crash

Riding while traveling is a great experience, but remember that very different conditions can appear that you may not be used to.

Traveling while riding is a wonderful experience, and many would much rather ride overseas where the conditions and mentalities make things a bit safer. There are however the same issues. You probably won’t be using your own bike, you may be borrowing or renting so take that into account. You will probably need special insurance, so contact your insurance company and check. Many seasoned riders already know skilled motorcycle accident attorneys in the country they are riding in just in case. As always, an International Driving Permit can be very useful and actually priceless is some cases. The sheer size of the packet we get from the AAP can be impressive to backwater authorities. 

As always, the more you do in preparation the safer you will be.




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