June 14, 2019 By C! Magazine Staff Words and photos by Maki Aganon

Tanayan Artist Paints his own Backyard-Built Custom Motorcycle

Last May 15, we were invited by a good friend to an art exhibit called “”Coup de Maitre”. A premiere exhibit launch hosted by Eugenio Lopez Center. The vision is to refine opportunities through the organizer’s passion in documentation and learning.

9 multi-awarded Rizaleno artists who represented the ‘Genesis’ of exhibits premiered a once ancestral mansion to the Lopez family, by opening its doors to art and the public. Among all amazing art display, one definitely caught my attention, Tanayan impressionist, Jun Tiongco, painted his own custom-made motorcycle.



“I really liked how it looked. It was a rotting old Kawasaki owned by one of my staff. I saw these ‘cafe racers, trackers, scramblers on the internet and we decided to build one of our own. I like the classic look of it. Though it’s not finished yet, we need some help with the wirings and stuff.” shared the Rizal Lakeshore Artist Association President.

Jun is also an owner of a biker destination in Sampaloc Tanay, Lutong Pugon.

“We earn through commercial art. We paint flowers, people, nature, sceneries, because those are the common things that sell. But this one here, this one is different. Impressionists paint what we see, but this one is extra ordinary and it appeals to me. I really like it. When I look at the bike, it makes me happy.”

The artist explained how much he has become fond of these customized motorcycles. Asked if he’ll be painting more bikes, “I want to paint a big bike, a classic one. If someone would be kind enough to leave a bike in my restaurant for a week, then I might.”


 Impressionist artist Mr. Jun Tiongco 

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