January 06, 2021 By Carl S. Cunanan

Thinking about two wheels? What you need to know about buying a motorcycle today

Bikes have been flying out of the showrooms. And for those of us that don’t ride anymore, that is getting very tempting.

Our friendly neighborhood BMW Motorcycle dealership has done it’s best year ever. And they did it in what is clearly a tough time for the world. And they did it while also launching a whole new motorcycle.

So yes this is a time that is drawing many people to or back to two wheels of freedom. But you can’t go in without the proper knowledge and mindset, let alone proper gear.

If you are thinking, What should you be thinking about?

First of all, think about whether or not this can actually fit into your world and how? Have you ever done this before? Modern motorcycles are wonders of technology, but they are also faster than ever. You may be looking at some cool entry-level cruiser, but that may not have the very-important anti lock brake systems, traction control and even in some cases a kind of slide control ability. These systems can save your life, don’t get swayed just by looks or sounds or the rumble between your legs. At the very least, go somewhere and learn how to ride properly and safely. Many brands thankfully make the commitment to teach you regardless of what you ride. The Yamaha Riding Academy does a great job of this, plus they teach you how to get dirty as well. And there’s the Ducati Riding Experience of course.

What kind of ride?

Are you into a cruiser? Are you more of a standard? Do you want a knee-scraping racebike or repli-racer? Or are you looking at a scooter like a Classic Vespa? You could have a trail bike (which may not be streetable) or a trials bike (which may not have a seat). Look into all of them, it’s fun.


What can you do with your bike?

There is a whole bunch of stuff you can do once you have your bike. Or even before you actually take possession. The new BMW R18 is built for customization, and they will bring you through the whole process happily. Or you can go aftermarket. Our favorite neighborhood shop is Motoworld, the guys there are great and you can really get the right fit for your gear.  You can also order online from places like CTA Powersports depending on where you are and what you want. Browsing anyway is always a good way to figure out what you really want.

What keeps you comfortable and safe?

This is one of the first things you need to think about in terms of purchase, but we have kept it for last for a reason. You will often have safety gear that is perfectly good and recommended by a friend yet completely improper for the style of riding you want to do, or the style of look to be honest. A great vintage bomber jacket may look great, but will bake you when compared for a vented adventure type upper. And there is so much more available nowadays, you can cool yourself actively. And yes there are airbags for bikes, or rather bikers.


So if you are looking into riding, really look into it. Is it for you? What kind is for you? Go out and take some classes, talk to people. Then get your wallet ready. Because it is really really fun.



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