June 25, 2019 By Maynard Marcelo Photos by Jerel Fajardo

Traffic Buster: Suzuki Address 115 FI

City living can be quite stressful these days, don’t you think? Especially in Metro Manila. Ask any city dweller and they will probably complain about the high cost of living, pollution and yes, traffic congestion. Thank goodness there are scooters like the new Suzuki Address that can help us mitigate, if not totally eradicate, the impact of these stress inducing societal realities we face on a daily basis.

With the absence of a reliable and efficient public transport system, commuting in Metro Manila probably ranks as one of the most stressful thing a person living in the National Capital Region endures every waking day. Multiply this by 365 days in a year and you have a sure fire recipe for cardiac arrest sooner rather than later, if you’re not up to the task that is.


That’s why most people would rather ride a taxicab or even buy a car that not only adds to traffic congestion, but also ultimately jacks up your cost of living due to monthly amortization, preventive maintenance, insurance, fuel, and parking fees. But with the Suzuki Address, you not only cut your travel time in half, you also significantly cut down your daily transportation cost.


At PhP 66,900, it only costs as much as the minimum down payment for a mini compact car. Its 113cc air-cooled and fuel-injected single-cylinder motor can achieve a fuel efficiency figure of 53 kilometers per liter of unleaded fuel. Much more if you’re truly light on the throttle. At 43 pesos per liter, that would put your cost per kilometer to only 82 centavos, and roughly 33 pesos if you travel 40 kilometers each day. With a 5.2-liter capacity, a full tank of gas will only cost you PhP 223.06, and will return no less than a 281-kilometer range. That’s the equivalent of seven round trips from your home to your office. If you do the math, you’ll find that commuting on a Suzuki Address scooter is significantly cheaper than riding a bus. Only riding a bicycle is cheaper.



While there’s little you can do about existing air pollution, you can help minimize your carbon footprint when you ride an Address. You see, the Address is equipped with an advanced fuel-injection system that calculates the right air and fuel mixture every time so it emits less pollution than a carburetor-equipped motorcycle of the same displacement. Fuel injection also plays a significant role in enhancing fuel efficiency, quicker starting (no need to twist the throttle when starting), and snappy engine response.


Last September we featured the new Suzuki Gixxer and Address on our cover, but that was based on our impression with the short time was had riding around the Suzuki plant in Canlubang, Laguna. This time around, we used the Address as our daily driver for two solid weeks and we’re very impressed with its overall performance, and with only a few minor gripes.


The Suzuki Address’ strength revolves around its superb engine, which is responsive and perky yet fuel-efficient at the same time. Too bad it’s all wrapped up in a rather conservative styling. Perhaps as a global model, Suzuki styled it to be as inoffensive as possible and to appeal to a broader, more mature market. But if you like it conservative, then it shouldn’t be a problem at all, especially when you consider that there’s a commodious 25-liter compartment under the seat that negates the need for a separate top box.


The Address did not disappoint in the handling department, either. Naturally gifted with agile handling and easily modulated front and rear brakes, spirited rides during rush hour is possible, with more than enough power to overtake slow moving vehicles and sharp enough to quickly dart across tiny gaps in traffic. Others may find the suspension a bit on the soft side, but for a 150 lb and 5 foot 7-inch rider like me it strikes the best compromise between control and ride comfort. If you’re a big rider and find the Address too cramped for your liking, then maybe you should be looking at a bigger, 125cc scooter.


Other features we love about the Address are the rear brake lever lock, which acts like a handbrake when parked on inclined surfaces; and the high mounted headlight that turns with the handlebars. A feature we wish it had is a sidestand kill switch because forgetful riders (like me) might run off with the sidestand down. Other than that, we find the Address a very good value city commuter especially when you consider its advantages over its similarly priced competition, like the 113cc displacement with fuel injection, larger fuel capacity, and large underseat compartment. It may not be the best looking of the lot, but it will surely address (pardon the pun) your need for an efficient, reliable, and fun to ride city commuter scooter. In a nutshell, the Address is your two-wheel stress reliever. Guaranteed.

ENGINE TYPE: Air cooled, single cylinder, 2 valves, 4-stroke, fuel-injected


MAX. POWER:  9.25 bhp @ 8000 rpm

MAX. TORQUE:  6.42 lb. ft. @ 6500 rpm



FUEL CAPACITY:  5.2 liters


TOP SPEED: 100 km/h

PRICE: PhP 66,900

W2W EDITOR’s RATING: 9.5 /10

+: fuel-efficient, build quality, storage capacity

-:  no sidestand kill switch



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