May 12, 2017 By C! Magazine Staff

The Suzuki GSX-R1000R was put to the test

PH Superbike Champs took first crack

The Suzuki GSX-R1000R, named as ‘King of Sportbikes’ is about to enter the Philippine market through the partnership of Wheeltek Motor Sales and Suzuki Philippines, Inc. To set the arrival of the royalty, two of the country’s most esteemed sportbike riders put the most awesome GSX-R to the test.

Fresh from testing with Team Suzuki Ecstar in Australia, the two GSX-R1000R made their debut appearance in the Philippines at the 11th IR Bike Fest and Trade Show, and were ridden by Philippine Superbike champions Miguel Bichara and Anthony Roman at Clark International Speedway (CIS), and proved that this machine has what it takes to win on the racetrack.

“Suzuki Engineers got it right the first time. They did a really good job in making the bike very light which is the perfect formula for superbike racing. It is the most refined Suzuki GSX-R ever made with electronics that is the same with top European bikes. Power is very linear. The top end power of the bike is very good already; what if we modify it? It is a bang for the buck. The brakes are very good as well. Size is shin; it actually feels smaller than the 600cc. It is the lightest GSX-R and is agile,” Bichara commented.

The event ran on individual testing and had it in two parts for the riders – the calibrating lap and the race lap which were all supervised by Team Suzuki Philippines and Wheeltek’s Service Group. Bichara rode the bike first followed by Roman. Superbike riders in the Philippine media were also able to test the unit namely – Maynard Marcelo for C! magazine, Joey Rivero of Driven2Ride and Lifestyle on Wheels TV, John Defensor of Inside Racing and Torque magazines and Aris Ilagan of TopGear Philippines. A press interview was also hosted during lunch to discuss about the performance of the bike.

“My expectations were positively surpassed. The GSX-R1000R is very competitive. It can perform well against other brands. Top things that I like about it are the power delivery, braking system, handling and the smooth shifting system. The traction control is a great help. It is the best in its class among its co-Japanese contenders and can be compared to top European sportbikes with its electronics. The smooth shifting doesn’t cause delay thus providing easier riding control. I like it!” added Roman, who was a first-timer in the GSX-R lineage.

Present in the event are Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation VP for Sales and Marketing Mr. Roscoe Odulio, General Manager for Big Bikes Mr. Bobby Orbe and Big Bikes Regional Sales Manager for North Luzon Mr. Philip Garcia. With Suzuki Philippines Motorcycle Sales and Marketing General Manager Mr. Jun Bulot and Regional Sales Manager for North Luzon Mr. Erick Fernandez.





The event was also witnessed by Suzuki Big Bikers (SBB) Club.

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