February 02, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

Lexus teases what the future could look like

We’ve al known Lexus as of late by its Spindle Grille and flowing lines. Yet now, Lexus seems all set to embark on a new design direction as it teases us with a sneak peek of what lies ahead for the Japanese luxury marque.

Although mostly hidden, the teaser images show certain cues like the illuminated Lexus lettering, imposing haunches, and the discreet rear spoiler. What’s interesting to note is that this design study could just be for a new sedan or coupe. Or it could likewise be yet another crossover.

Either way, Lexus says this design concept will likewise preview the new Direct4 drive system that’s both for fully electric and hybrid propulsion. Lexus does say that this new concept seems to hint at the fully electric future for the brand.

What this concept is and more importantly, what it will look like in production form are two of the biggest questions at the moment for most Lexus and car enthusiasts. Let’s all find out together, shall we?

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