January 26, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

A new Lotus is coming

A new day is dawning. This is the best way to describe what’s happening over at Lotus Cars. Not only will there be new models but an entirely new era for the super sports car maker.

Its entire current line-up, consisting of the Elise, Exige, and Evora, have entered their final year of production this 2021. From the Elise’s revolutionary use of extruded and bonded aluminum in 1995, to the Exige’s race car for the road personality in 2000, to the Evora’s redefining a super sports car in 2008, Lotus is once again about to embark on a new chapter.

To give us a hint of what lies ahead, we can look to prototypes like the Type 131 and Vision80, we can surmise that Lotus is about to enter an electrified era. Other clues to this are formation of Lotus Engineering to complement Lotus Cars.

Yet even as Lotus enters a new era, it promises to retain the Lotus-ness of its future cars. This will be accomplished by engineering every model to be For the Drivers—no matter what type of propulsion it will run on.

Watch out for the new era of Lotus.

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