July 02, 2020 By Maynard Marcelo

Add to Cart! Buy a Suzuki Motorcycle Online

Part of buying a new motorcycle is the dealership experience. Nothing excites a new motorcycle buyer more than walking into a motorcycle showroom and examining each of the offerings. It’s like walking into a toy store. Only the toys are much bigger and more expensive. Then Covid-19 happened. To slow the spread of the new coronavirus, the government imposed a strict community quarantine all over the country. Businesses closed, schools suspended classes indefinitely, domestic and international flights were cancelled, factories ceased operations, public transportation was suspended, life as we know it changed overnight. Welcome to the “New Normal”. Four months into the quarantine and we are still waiting for a vaccine that will allow us to revert to the “Old Normal”. For the meantime all we could do is wait, preferably inside the comforts of our homes, until such time. 

For this reason Suzuki came up with the “Oras na para Magmotor” campaign, which highlights the importance of riding a motorcycle in the new normal and to promote social distancing. Under the less restrictive General Community Quarantine guidelines, riding motorcycles are allowed except with a pillion passenger. To make buying a new motorcycle possible during a lockdown, Suzuki came up with a solution: Online Suzuki Motorcycle Buying. 

Suzuki Philippines formed a dedicated group of employees – the Digital Sales Marketing (DSM) Team – to handle inquiries and purchases from Suzuki’s online channels – Suzuki Philippines website and Facebook fan page. The people assigned to handle this are called Suzuki Online Specialists (SOS). From comments or chats, they request for the customers’ contact details (Name, Location, preferred motorcycle and Contact Number/s). Once they have these details, their SOS calls the customer for the next steps.

After a potential buyer receives a call from an SOS, he or she will offer the customer a list of nearby dealers to choose from. If the customer already has a preferred dealer, Suzuki will then arrange the transaction there. Like buying from a physical store, all the necessary requirements still apply when buying online. What the SOS does is basically assisting the customers through the process and helping them to do the transactions online e.g. filling up of application form/s, emailing of requirements, online payments etc. Credit Investigation, or CI, is still done by the dealers. When approved, you may opt for your new motorcycle to be delivered to your home at no extra cost (if available). According to Suzuki Philippines this online service is free, and dealer promos still apply if you opt to buy your new Suzuki motorcycle online. So what are you waiting for? Oras na para magmotor!    

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