March 11, 2014 By C! Magazine Staff

Anne likes Audi

Anne Curtis, she with the voice–the online voice followed by a staggering six million Twitter followers–has chosen Audi.


Anne Curtis, she with the voice–the online voice followed by a staggering six million Twitter followers–has chosen Audi.

Curtis pulls no punches, obviously, and she shows that moxie when choosing the products she uses, particularly her car.  “I need to feel both secure and comfortable in my car,” she says. “It goes without saying that it should look great as well.”

And Curtis says of Audi, “whatever you choose from the stable, you won’t go wrong”—in effect, adding her imprimatur to that of the already prestigious marque of the German carmaker.

In reply, PGA Cars admits a mutual attraction.  “We welcome this endorsement by a person of her celebrity status,” says their Sales Director, Lito Jose. “We’ve always maintained that Audi—with its continued commitment to cutting-edge technology, frugal consumption, and powerful performance—remains a highly aspirational choice for discriminating motorists.”  Like we said, a mutual attraction.

Curtis admits that much of that attraction is cross-haired on the Q3 five-door SUV.  With a two liter TDI engine delivering 180hp (and 380Nm of torque) via dynamic seven-speed tronic transmission to Audi’s trademark Quattro permanent all-wheel drive, the Q3 would be a top choice for any comer.

But for her birthday, on Curtis’ auspicious visit to the Audi showroom in Bonifacio Global City, the carmaker, ever protective of their brand ambassador, chose to outfit her with the A6 instead.  (Perhaps Audi is keeping the Q3 in reserve, ready for in-extremis action like a fast extraction through rough terrain.)

A more graceful, more diplomatic vehicle than the Q3, the A3 is nevertheless well heeled while making a more explicit statement on sophisticated urban motoring.  Powered with either a two or three-liter TDI engine, the A6 has an aluminum hybrid chassis that’s spec’d out for light weight, rigidity and safety.  Even US NCAP gives it a five star rating, the maximum rating for crash safety.  Not quite the contingency that Audi had in mind, but a wise choice with Curtis having said, “I’m excited to take this baby on the road!”

For anybody else who wants to drive the A6 home, PGA Cars’ Four Rings Financial Services offers either a zero-interest alternative through their financing program, or a zero-down option through their premium lease program that’ll see the lessee not having to pay rentals for the first three months.

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