September 05, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Another American icon, the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, set to make a comeback

To most folks, Jeep is synonymous with vehicles like the Wrangler, the CJ series, and the Cherokee. But those old enough may recall another iconic nameplate from as early as the 1960s—the Wagoneer and its Grand Wagoneer sibling. Well, it looks like Jeep is reviving the Grand Wagoneer as it shows off the said vehicle in concept form.

Don’t let the concept moniker fool you, however, as this one seems like a production ready version that could very well roll off the assembly line tomorrow. While it does try to pay homage to the original’s squared-off flanks, the new one is just that—modern with new sheetmetal.

The trademark seven-slat Jeep grille is there, flanked by slim headlights. The rear is equally squarish, along with a painted contrasting roof, and the large rims—the last two for a modern vibe. Unlike the outside, the cabin is definitely styled and engineered for the 21st century. There are a plethora of screens to showcase its penchant for connectivity.

The driver, for instance, sits behind a 12.3-inch instrument cluster. The front passenger gets their own 10.3-inch display, while two screens dominate the center stack—a 12.3-inch one for primary infotainment controls and a 10.1 comfort display for niceties like seat massage. As if these aren’t enough, those in the rear get a 10.3-inch unit for control over different vehicle functions while 10.1-inch screens give them their own infotainment and media channels. All this is hooked up to UConnect 5 that is said to be 5 times faster than its predecessor.

At present, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has not given any specific details on powertrains and the like. But ti would be safe to say that the upcoming Grand Wagoneer would have a plug-in hybrid to complement engines such as the 5.7-liter V8 offered in other models.

And then there is the four-wheel drive capability—a Jeep hallmark—that would come courtesy of three available four-wheel drive systems. Quadra Lift air suspension will help ensure this one.

Given that this is a Jeep for the new millennium, it is but natural that aside from the hybrid or even electric propulsion, FCA chose sustainable materials to construct this seven-seater. While the seats may look like leather, they’re actually made up of a recyclable material called PUR. There is also recyclable Dinamica used for the headliner. And a whole lot of other materials that are earth friendly.

Yes, the American icon, the Jeep Wagonner, is back. FCA says that we can expect to see the Grand Wagoneer hit the assembly line beginning next year as a 2022 model.


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