February 13, 2023 By John Mendoza Racetrack Photos by Norbert Zuiqop

Army Navy and Club 200 Concludes Successful 200/50 Endurance Race Event in Clark Pampanga

Club 200, the country’s 1st sports bike club, and Army Navy completed their endurance racing event last February 11, 2023, at the Clark International Speedway. The 50-lap endurance race was participated in by 52 non-active racer motorcyclists divided into groups of 3, making 17 teams in total. 

Adventure class riders duking it out on the track. (Photo courtesy of Club 200, shot by Norbert Zuiqop.) 

Superbikes and Super nakeds swapping paint. (Photo by Norbert Zuiqop, courtesy of Club 200)

There were two categories, Adventure and Sport. Under the adventure category are 3 sub-categories: Adventure 21, Adventure 19, and Adventure 17 each corresponding to the front wheel size of the bikes. Under Sport are 2 sub-categories: Naked, and Superbike. 5 titles were up for grabs as the teams scrambled for their bikes in 2 separate LeMans style starts for each category. (LeMans Style Start is an old way of starting a race wherein the bikes are parked a few meters away from the riders for them to run to and get going once the start flag is dropped.)

The classic LeMans start. (Photo by Norbert Zuiqop, courtesy of Club 200.)

It was a day of fun, camaraderie, and amazement as motorcyclists of all kinds gathered to witness the spectacle of endurance racing. Big-named brands Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, KTM, Triumph, and Harley Davidson displayed their latest and greatest motorcycles for everyone to salivate over and gawk at. Motorcycle dealership giant Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation was in full support of their participating customers and brands they carry. 

The view from the main stage where the giant LED screen was showing live drone video feeds for those who wanted to stay in the fellowship area.

The final race results are as follows

Adventure Category:

Adventure 21 Class

  1. Team Desert X – Best time: 2:20.338 -Riders: Jade Tan, Joey Almeda, Ryan Benton
  2. KTM Philippines Team 2
  3. KTM Philippines Team 1 

Adventure 21 podium finishers.

Adventure 19 Class

  1. Team Underdogs – Best time: 2:16.186 – Riders: Christopher Guzman, Paolo Aguilar, and Alvin Almendras  
  2. Triumph Adventure Team
  3. BMW BOSS Team A

Adventure 19 winners celebrating.

Mitas – Acerbis – Touratech Team composed of Alvin Dee, Toto Villanueva, and Jason Maligaya (not in the photo) should’ve landed on the podium of the Adventure 19 class if not for penalties for 3 extra laps over the required 50.

Adventure 17 Class

  1. Team KARAT – Best time: 2:06.922 – Riders: Jan Timbol, Gico Tobias, and Jomel Policarpio
  2. Rosario Bikes Racing Team

The 2 teams battled it out in the Adventure 17 class.

Sports Category:

Sportsbike Class  

  1. Team Gucci Gang – Best time: 2:00.233 – Riders: Jan Timbol, Christopher Guzman, and Justin Guce
  2. Kawasaki IGM Racing Team
  3. Wheeltek QTS Racing Team

Another Ducati team on the 1st place podium.

Naked Sports Class

  1. Team Ducati Hyper Boys – Best time: 2:02.078 – Riders: Jade Tan, Clyde Relativo, and Jomel Policarpio
  2. Team GP Boys
  3. Rosario Bikes Racing Team

Naked sports class podium finishers.


The brand with the most wins, Ducati Philippines celebrates on stage.

It was amazing to see ordinary riders safely showing off their skills on the race track displaying great ability and sportsmanship. Organizing an event like this is no small undertaking. We really have to give props to our own test ride editor Miguel Bichara and the rest of the amazing Club 200 for doing it safely and properly. From the registration, promotion, and scrutineering of the bikes, riders, and gear, to the implementation of the rules and marshalls, Club 200 did an astounding job! The Army Navy Club 200 200/50 Endurance Race should definitely be an annual event for motorcyclists to experience!

Club 200 enjoying their successful completion of the event.

Winners in the very first Army Navy Club 200 200/50 Endurance Race received cash prizes of PHP 60,000 for 1st place, PHP 30,000 for 2nd, and PHP 15,000 for 3rd along with the corresponding trophies for each sub-category. An all-expense paid European Adventure Motorcycle tour was also awarded to the winning team of the Adventure 21 class by Clutch Tours.  Race track mogul Mr. Johnny Tan graced the event by presenting some of the awards to the winners. Mr. Tan spoke about his support for the event enticing Club 200 and Army Navy to make it a yearly occasion and to make it even grander in the years to come.

Racetrack mogul Mr. Johnny Tan encouraged the organizers and congratulated everyone for such a great event.

It was truly an exhilarating experience to have witnessed such an event and we can only hope for more participants and attendees in the following years. Events like these promote racing in the proper venues and out of the streets making it safer for everyone on public roads. Congratulations Club 200, Army Navy, winners, and participants of the first-ever Army Navy Club 200 200/50 Endurance Race. Cheers! 

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