November 21, 2022 By C! Magazine Staff

ARRC SEASON FINALE RACE 1: Mascardo Triumphant!

“This win is for Filipinos” as said by ARRC RD 5 Race 1 Top podium finisher, April King Mascardo to all his supporters.

Mascardo and the Uma Racing MMR Yamaha Philippines team.

The stakes have been raised for the UMA Racing MMR Yamaha Philippines team with one race remaining in the 2022 Asia Road Racing Championship. The two young lads, April King Mascardo and Gian Carlo Mauricio treated expectations as a challenge to prove themselves to the world. On November 19, April made it all possible. April King’s dominance over the field of riders resulted in an exciting finish in the ARRC final round – race 1 at Chang International Racing Circuit. Beginning on the second row of the grid, the underdog racer focused on winning the championship, seizing every opportunity to remain among the fastest riders on every lap.”The race was not easy, but we made it!” April stated after his race.

During the awarding, hearing the Philippine national anthem gave spectators a trip down memory lane when the wonderboy Mckinley Kyle Paz got the first-ever Filipino Overall UB150 Championship title in 2019. Aside from flashbacks, the moment made everyone realize how much motorsports is embedded in Filipino DNA. The impressive finish created an impact on other competitors as well.

Gian Carlo Mauricio on the grid.

On the other hand, Gian had a motorcycle malfunction, but this does not stop his perseverance to prepare for race 2. “Technical problems happen beyond our control and we move forward to the next race.” “At sana sa awa ng diyos, makita natin ang dalawang rider natin sa harapan (podium)” said Joey Storm Rivero, the team’s shead coach.

Duking it out with international riders fighting for pride and glory.

The first part of the 2022 ARRC season finale showed how Gian continuously kept his unwavering determination, how John Emerson Inguito (Yamaha 4S1M Racing team) withstood any circumstance, and how April unleashed the champion in him. The season will end on November 21 but for these Filipino racing icons, the world’s impression of Filipino talents in motorsports have only just begun.

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